Minutes of the General Education Committee Meeting

April 28, 2003, 325 Graff Main Hall


Meeting was called to order at 3:30 p. m.


Members present:  John Betton, Mary Leonard, Jean Hindson, Emily Johnson (chair), Jess Hollenback, Justin Odulana, Sandy Grunwald, Bruce Riley, Mike Winfrey


Consultants present:  Diane Schumacher, Bruce May, Terry Beck


l.  As a follow-up to questions raised at the last meeting, the minutes of the Mar. 10 meeting  were amended to indicate that either HST 101 or HST 102 can replace HST 151 or HST 152.


2.  M/S/P to approve the minutes of April 7, 2003.


3. Announcements


 John Betton is joining the committee.   He replaces Roger Reinsch who has resigned from the committee.


The last meeting of the academic year for Faculty Senate is May 8th.  The General Education Outcomes will be on the agenda.  Emily announced that she will not be able to attend because she will be presenting a paper at a conference.  Jess Hollenback indicated that he could be present at that meeting.


4.  Old Business:  Continuation of work on the outcomes


Emily set the following agenda for the meeting:  a large group discussion of the  general reaction to the outcomes  from around campus followed by work in one or more small groups to address specific issues and to try to come  up with a revised version of the outcomes.


General discussion include the following ideas or comments:

·         recognition of the need to streamline the outcomes

·         confirmation of the fact that the number of bullets under an outcome is not to be taken as indicative of the relative value or importance of that outcome

·         both support for and reluctance to including scientific and mathematical literary in the outcomes

·         mention of the Modern Language Dept. proposal to include the ability to speak a second language somewhere in the outcomes

·         the importance of both curricular and co-curricular activities in helping students to achieve the outcomes

·         the need to address the future structure of the Gen. Ed. Program (will it be quite similar to what we have now?  will it be different?)

·         the need to deal with the connection between Gen. Ed. and the majors (how to market this to the campus)

·         the relationship between the outcomes and a checklist of courses students will need to take (how will they be related?)

·         how critical thinking is basic to everything

·         the process of screening courses with respect to the new outcomes (Mike Winfrey suggested that the question should be:  What kind of courses meet these outcomes?   rather than:  How can my course meet these outcomes?)



After this general discussion the committee began looking at the grid that Emily had compiled to summarize campus response to the outcomes.  The goal was to reduce the current list of outcomes to a more user-friendly document.  At 5:20 a smaller working group convened to room 327 to continue this task of collating and condensing different versions of the outcomes and taking into account the feedback information.  The working group adjourned at around 9:30.  The amended list of outcomes serves as minutes from this session.


Respectfully submitted,




Jean M. Hindson

Designated recorder