SEPTEMBER 16, 2002
3:30 P.M.

Sandra Grunwald, Jean Hindson, Jess Hollenback, Emily Johnson (chair), Mary Leonard, Justin Odulana, Tom Pribek, Mike Winfrey
CONSULTANTS PRESENT: Sandy Keller, Bruce May, Mike Nelson, Diane Schumacher

The chair called the meeting to order at 3:35.

APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF May 6, 2002:  M/S/P to approve the minutes of the 5-6-02 meeting that were distributed.  

The current member and consultant list was distributed.



Chancellor Doug Hastad has endorsed the "COLLEGE PRESIDENTS' CALL: Campaign for the Advancement of Liberal Learning" which the committee recommended. 


General Education Summer Activities included co-sponsoring a 3 day Problem Based Workshop.  Attendant should develop a problem to be reviewed at teaching day in January and then receive a stipend for their work.  Gen Ed also supported a Case-Based Workshop led by Peg Maher and again attendant should develop cases for a variety of courses.  These cases will be reviewed before a stipend is distributed.  General Education conducted a retreat on August 23rd to focus on student learning outcomes with help from an outside consultant.  Discussion on whether to invite the consultant back again took place and was agreed to receive further help in reviewing future materials that are developed.


Moratorium on new courses – After contacting all chairs, a moratorium will be placed for 1 year on presenting new courses for approval by the general education committee.  This does not include hearing revisions of current general education courses or reviewing course which have already been approved by UCC.  The committee may also be presented with new Writing in the Major proposals.


A reminder will be distributed to chairs that Oct. 7, 21 and Nov. 4 are the general education meeting dates in which the committee will be hearing new proposals. 


OLD BUSINESS:  Documents that were distributed included Current Gen Ed Committee Bylaws, Responses from UWL faculty/staff on Gen Ed student learning outcomes, and the UW La Crosse Fund for Innovations in Gen Ed Criteria.  Discussion on this year’s focus for this fund included thoughts of focusing on funding for assessment of gen ed courses or curriculum.  Mike Nelson mentioned several workshops on assessments that are held in the fall.


Discussion occurred on the executive summary of the student learning outcome responses.  Concerns were noted by the respondents in the areas of how assessment of the outcomes will take place, lack of focus on science, math and technology and information literacy.   Specific comments about the 6 outcomes document included removal of the bullets under outcome 3, combination of 3 and 4, inclusion of the term quantitative literacy, rewording of 5 and 6, and concerns of the role of modern language in the program.  General discussion occurred on the Alverno College model of having 8 phrases that were 1-4 words each as a good model and then further elaboration on these points.


The makeup of the gen ed committee was discussed and Emily distributed a rough draft of possible additions.  Discussion indicated that Continuing Education/Extension rep and the Academic Staff Council rep be removed from the regular consultants list, with agreement that such reps would be very important for certain meetings but not all. 



Due to the limited meeting times devoted to finishing the student learning outcomes, it was decided that work must be done in smaller groups.  These groups would include 2 gen ed committee members and 2 other members from the university such as members of the student learning project group.  6 possible groups with the following duties were suggested: 4 project groups each revising 1 of 4 student learning outcomes, 1 project group working on assessment of writing emphasis and WIMP (Terry Beck has expressed interest in this), and 1 project group working on assessment of freshmen (how to find out where they are at when they first come here).  To help with this, attendants of the August Gen Ed retreat were asked to send Emily any appropriate notes on revisions of a particular student learning outcome. 


It was also agreed on that the committee would meet on Sept 30th, which is a 5th Monday of the month. 




Respectfully submitted,

Sandy Grunwald
Acting secretary