Thursday, November 14, 2002-1:30 p.m.
325 Graff Main Hall

Members Present:   D. Duquette, Chair, J. Finch, G. Gilmore, T. Kernozek, M. Morziniski, S. N. Rajagopal, W. Schwan, S. Simpson, G. Walsko

Members Excused:  Rob Dixon

Consultants Present:  B. May, R. Rada, D. Schumacher, C. Martin-Stanley

  • The meeting was called to order by Dan Duquette, Chair at 1:30 p.m.
  • Approval of the minutes of October 17, 2002.

M/S/P to approve the minutes of October 17, 2002. (8 yes, 0 no)

  • Update on Graduate Student Research Applications:  Dan informed the Council, seventeen students have applied, for a total of $9,345.00.

Dan informed the council that the maximum amount a student can receive for a research grant is $600.00.  He feels that this amount should be explored and discussed due to rising costs an increase  should be considered.  The council agreed to this, and it will be discussed at a future meeting.

           The review team for Graduate Student Research applications will have the  reading and scoring completed by               November 25, 2002.

           Dan informed the council the amounts for travel have been increased to the following amounts:  $200.00 for a               student to attend a conference; $300.00 if student is presenting.  

  • Graduate Faculty Membership update:  Dan reminded the reviewers, Friday, November 15, 2002 is the deadline for reading files.
  • Strategic Plan update:  When the draft of the Strategic Plan was reviewed by Dan and the Graduate Council the conclusion was, Graduate Studies did not play a large enough role in the plan.  Dan went before the Faculty Senate, explaining why it is important that Graduate Studies be enhanced.  UW-L has the third largest graduate program in the UW system.  UW-L has 600 graduate students on campus, with approximately 1,500 off campus.  UW-L has a strong community link.  The Faculty Senate agreed, and assured Dan that Graduate Studies will be enhanced in the next draft of the Strategic Plan.
  • Graduate Faculty Workload:  Dan sent a questionnaire on October 15, 2002, put together by Charles Martin-Stanley to Graduate Program Directors and Chairs requesting that they read and answer 4 questions.  The completed questionnaires have been returned to Dan, a hand-out was given to council members with the results.
  • The following items need to be accomplished: 

1.     Strategic Plan for Graduate Studies.
2.     A Mission Statement for Graduate Studies.
3.     Where will Graduate Studies be in 2010?
4.     Rationale for separation of the Director of Graduate Studies from already established College Administration.
5.     Process regarding separation.

  • Graduate Faculty Workload will be discussed at future meetings.

Meeting Adjourned:  3:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Fran Temp
Recording Secretary

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