International Education Committee


November 6, 2002


Present: Jonathan Majak (Chair), Mehmet T. Aritan, Gary Gilmore, Don Kuderer, S.N. Rajagopal, Sharon Scherwitz

Absent (excused): Sarah Johnston-Rodrig, Drew Stapleton


Consultants to the IEC: Jay Lokken, Director of the Office of International Education; Lisa Swayhoover, Study Abroad Programs Coordinator/OIE; Eric Kraemer, Director of International Studies Curriculum


I.                    The meeting was called to order by Chair Majak at 3:55 p.m.


II.                 Introductions and Welcome.


III.               Reports/Related Discussion:


*Jay Lokken, Director of the Office of International Education, reported the following:

      -provided an update on the International Development Funds;

      -discussed his upcoming travel plans: to Chicago for the International Educators’       Association meeting; from there he will go to Berlin to participate in a Teacher Education Project;

      -announced that 120 students will be participating in study abroad programs during the Spring, 2003 semester;

      -announced that Hong Kong is interested in sending students to UW-L; Jay and Chancellor Hastad will be visiting Hong Kong in the Spring; as much as $1 million could be generated in out-of-state tuition;

      -distributed “Guidelines for Foreign Study Tour Programs.” Subsequent discussion addressed the need for the International Education Committee to include a budget proposal page as part of the documents to be submitted. The plan is to have the spread sheet available for faculty to download with other documents.


*Lisa Swayhoover, Study Abroad Programs Coordinator/OIE, announced that three     candidates will be interviewed for the Summer Study Programs Coordinator position.


*Eric Kraemer, Director of International Studies, reported the following:

      -there are approximately 20 students pursuing a Minor in the International Studies Curriculum;

      -the INS 250 course is expected to become three credits instead of the current one credit; an Advisory Board of four faculty members has been formed to review the current INS program;

      -there are approximately 240 courses that comprise the courses available for the INS program


IV.              Review of the Charge to the Committee from the Faculty Senate


The Faculty Senate’s “Committee Charge for 2002-2003 Academic Year” was distributed to the committee members. Lisa Swayhoover indicated that she is working on the handbook and proceeded to share and discuss the contents of this document.  Committee members received a draft of the table of contents for “Procedures for Faculty-led Study Tours.” This was followed by discussion of the handout, “Credit versus Non-Credit Study Tours.” Non-credit, community-based tours go through Continuing/Extension Education. Jay Lokken stressed the need for a policy regarding faculty-led tours versus those led by Emeriti faculty. There is a great concern regarding the issues of liability and health insurance provisions. A request was made that the Faculty Senate Chair provide an official policy, signed by the UW-L leadership, ensuring that those students who participate in tours are insured. All programs must have a disclaimer that/if they are not university sanctioned.  Eric Kramer suggested that Jay and Lisa come back to the IEC with a resolution which would then go to the Faculty Senate.


V.                 Committee meeting dates/times for the Spring semester were discussed.


VI.              Old Business.  Travel Guidelines (discussed under section IV above).


VII.            New Business. Prof. Mary Davidson’s “Proposal for New Foreign Study Tour” was  distributed to the committee members with the request that it be read prior to the November 20 meeting (3:45 p.m.) at which time the proposal will be discussed.


VIII.         M/S/P to adjourn at 5:05 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Don Kuderer