International Education Committee

Committee Meeting Minutes

December 4, 2002


Present: Jonathan  Majak ,chair;  Patricia Ardovino, Mehmet Aritan, Gary Gilmore, Don Kuderer, S.N. Rajagopal, Sharon Scherwitz

Absent: Sarah Johnston-Rodrig, Drew Stapleton (excused)

Consultants: Eric Kraemer, Jay Lokken, Lisa Swayhoover

Guest: Mary Davidson


1. Patricia introduced herself to the committee. She is filling in for Jac Bulk for the semester.


2. Minutes of the November 20th meeting were approved.


3. Reports:

Jay Lokken handed out to the committee a description of the new book Going Global: Making an International Life and Career.  A copy of this book will be available at the new International Studies Resource Center 223 Graff Main Hall. He also reported the following:

  • Summer position has been filled for this Year and is using 128 funds.

Sandy Sieber will be the new permanent Summer Internship Coordinator. She has just won a summer trip to Hong Kong.  

  • New expectations are in place from SEVIS after passing of the Patriot Act.  Students are being interviewed and any students who leave the country will have to re-apply for visas.

The committee discussed how delays in the process might lead to significant delays and thus students being out of school. Lokken pointed out that some students might not make it back for the semester.  Re-admission then also might become an issue. Some international students have begun to apply to schools in other countries to avoid these requirements.

  • There are also new requirements to report students out of status.
  • Numbers for Spring semester are good; 116 students will be studying abroad.
  • Discussions are underway in the Deans’ Council regarding the International Development Grants.


Eric Kraemer reported that the International Studies minor now has about two dozen minors and that several students have recently shown interest.


4. Old Business.


 Mary Davidson answered questions about her study tour proposal to Great                  Britain.

The committee discussed certain aspects of the tour and the following in particular: responsibility for students not flying back with the group.

It was pointed out that University liability ends when the there is the last day of finals for the program.

  • The outcome of the Lockerbie lawsuit  suggests that Universities should not require students to all return together.
  • Students can take their own flights at the end of the tour but the

           University is no longer liable for them.

·         It was pointed out that all participants sign a statement of responsibility from system.


5.  M/S/P to approve Dr. Davidson’s proposal provided it includes the five enumerated items required by the committee. The committee chair will relay these requirements and committee vote Dr. Davidson tomorrow.


6. New Business.


Eric Kraemer provided the committee a list of International Studies classes with the following revisions. The word “national” will be struck from all 450 classes.  In Category II we will add INS 350 Foreign Research and INS 450 Foreign Internship.  The motion passed unanimously.


7. Meeting adjourned at 5:00


Respectfully submitted,


Sharon Scherwitz