Faculty Senate Library Committee

Minutes, November 18, 2002 Meeting


Members Present: Frank Barmore, Elizabeth Cason, Susan Crutchfield, Tim Gerber, Jason Letizia, Elsie Patterson, Denis Provencher, Chris Prucha, Dave Reineke, Julie Yazici, Chia-Chen Yu


Consultant:  Anita Evans


The meeting was called to order at 4:04 by Yazici.


  • Minutes from last meeting were approved.


  • Old Business

* Info literacy document (ILD):  The revised document was distributed online for

review subsequent to a vote at this meeting.  Prucha presented the revised version.  Yu reported from the special Gen  Ed. subcommittee dealing with the ILD.  Upon voting, there was unanimous approval of the document as revised, and with small edits.  Yazici and Prucha will create a cover letter for the document before sending it to the Gen. Ed. Committee.

*Information Literacy panel planned for Jan. UW-L Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning:  Prucha has organized and had accepted a panel on integrating info lit. assignments into classes.  Discussion ensued about how to integrate the Library Committee and its ILD more fully into the proposal.  Yazici will join the panel, and Prucha will include information on the ILD and on how to integrate these skills into other courses.  The panel title will be “Integrating Information Literacy Skills and Concepts into General Education Courses:  Two Examples.”


  • Director’s Report

*Announcement:  A library fundraiser is upcoming at Barnes and Noble on Tuesday

evening, Feb. 18th from 6-9.  Slips will be passed out beforehand which must be presented when purchasing items in order to ensure donations to the library.

            *UW Digital Collection (UWDC):  The first two projects have been launched on the UW DC website (“Wisconsin Pioneer Experience,” and the “Belgian-American Research Collection”).  A project on Aldo Leopold is upcoming.  Related links are also available, including “Great Lakes Maritime History Collection.”  The site managers are looking to faculty for help in gathering and creating different thematic collections for the website.  Such projects must be submitted for approval and inclusion.  Comm. members should talk to their departments about possible projects for the UWDC.

            *Update on Library Café:  It’s still in progress.


  • New Business

*Murphy Library first floor space planning:  A special committee of library staff has been

designated to consider revising the plan of the first floor.  Discussion ensued about the possibility of gathering user input regarding how the first floor is used by students and faculty and what would be best to include on the first floor.  We may want to create a questionnaire along the lines of what Yazici used in her management class.  A focus group may then be able to help with more specific questions/proposals.  Evans will contact the staff committee and report back to Yazici. Reineke volunteered for a subcommittee to work on the project.  


  • Next Meeting on Dec. 16th

*We will be discussing Virtual Reference Systems and will have a QuestionPoint

demonstration by Randy Hoelzen. Committee members should meet in our regular room  but then move next door (121) for the demonstration.



The meeting adjourned at 5:05 pm


Respectfully submitted,

Susan Crutchfield