Committee on Academic Policies and Standards (CAPS)

DRAFT:  Minutes for 12/12/03

Faculty Members Present: Jac Bulk, Susan Crutchfield, Mark Headington, Adrienne Loh, Marc Rott, Rob Wolf

Student Members Present: none.

Members Absent: Mike Haupert (excused), Sharon Jessee (excused), Barry Schockmel (excused), Larry Golba (excused), Angie Murphy (excused), Jason Savatski (excused)

Guests/Consultants:  Carla Burkhardt (SAH), Amelia Dittman (CBA), Diane Schumacher (Registrar), Dean Stroud (Provost's office), Gubbi Sudakharan (Physics), Ron Rada (SAH)

1.       The meeting was called to order at 3:35 pm.

2.       Minutes from the 11/21/03 meeting were approved with editorial changes (6/0/0).

3.       Item (old business):  Fall 03 Enrollment.

A revised draft of a letter to Faculty Senate was presented to the Committee for discussion.  Motion:  Approve document with minor editorial revisions (seconded).  Motion carries 6/0/0.

4.       Motion:  adjust agenda to accommodate guests (seconded).  Motion carries 6/0/0.

5.       Item (new business):  Request by SAH for a waiver of policy that last 24 credits to degree must be taken in residence.  The waiver applies to a set of dual degree programs leading to a B.S. in an SAH discipline (Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics) and a B.Eng. at a different campus (i.e.: Madison).  UW-L degree completion requires that at least the last 24 credits be transferred from the Engineering campus.  This is an extension of an existing, successful program in Physics.

Motion:  Approve request (seconded).  Motion carries 6/0/0.

6.       Item (old business): Proposed 4+4+4 week schedule for May/Summer terms.

Discussion was held on the "box scheduling" proposal.  A suggestion was made to break the proposal into two separate proposals, and to add language to the effect that the implementation date (for each proposal ?) would be no earlier than 2005.

Proposal 1:

·         Post-Spring (May, Summer I, Summer II) classes may not start earlier than the official start date, which must follow the official end of the Spring semester.

Proposal 2:

·         Allow a 4-week period for "May" term, and push the entire remaining summer session father into the summer by one week.  Each session is then allocated one 4-week box of time that does not overlap with other sessions.  The three 4-week terms will be subsequently referred to as "Summer I", "Summer II", and "Summer III"

·         Allow summer session courses to run for any length, as long as the start date coincides with an official start date, and courses are allotted a minimum of 1 week/credit in length.

·         Courses are allowed to run over multiple sessions (boxes) only if they are longer in duration than a single session (i.e.: > 4 weeks).

·         The maximum number of total credits for summer session should be increased to 12 (following the standard of an average of 1 credit/week maximum).  Registration for >12 credits for the entire summer session requires the signature of the Dean.

·         Daily scheduling issues may need to be addressed at a later date.

Further discussion of the box scheduling proposal will occur at the next meeting.  The revised plan will be disseminated by e-mail prior to the next meeting.

7.       Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 21 at 8:00 am (until 5:00 pm).  Please bring Spring schedules.

8.       The meeting was adjourned at 5:05 pm. 

Respectfully submitted, Adrienne Loh