Friday April 9, 2004 (2:30 p.m.)

26 Mitchell Hall



Members Present: G. Tymeson, Chair, R. Dixon, T. Krueger, C. Logerman (Student Rep.), M. McGuigan, D. Reineke, W. Schwan, and D. Sutherland.


Members Excused: S. Johnston-Rodriguez, M. Thorman, and J. Winchester (Student Rep.)


Consultants    B. May, C. Martin-Stanley, and R. Mikat



Consultants    D. Schumacher and M. Venneman




1.         Approval of the minutes March 26, 2004 meeting.  M/S/P to approve the minutes of March 26, 2004.  (6 yes, 0 no)


2.         The Chair announced that on April 6, 2004, Chancellor Hastad signed the final University-level approval for the “Exception” to the Graduate Faculty Membership Policy (that permits qualified persons external to the university to be nominated for Full Graduate Faculty membership).  Please share this final approval with persons in your college/departments/graduate programs.


3.         Spring 2004 applications for Graduate Faculty Membership were reviewed.  A discussion took place regarding one applicant’s file where agreement was not reached after initial evaluation.  The Council discussed the file and voted to approve membership at the Assistant level. Letters will be sent to all applicants from the Director of University Graduate Studies.


4.         Handouts were distributed on GRC 799 “Graduate Research Continuation.”  This information included several responses from other schools (WI and other states) on how they implement “Graduate Research Continuation.”  Garth asked that Graduate Council members to review this information for the next GC meeting.  The issue to be discussed is whether or not to require GRC 799 enrollment during the Summer session.


5.         Rob Dixon distributed information and gave an overview of Student Academic Initiatives that were discussed at yesterday’s Faculty Senate meeting (i.e., use of differential tuition funds for graduate students).  Garth indicated that he and Ron Lostetter met several months ago regarding the research initiative, and that it was now a combined undergraduate and graduate program.  However, the Council agreed that most of the proposed initiatives do not meet the needs of graduate students. 


The Council agreed to submit a resolution to the Chancellor that requests funds contributed by graduate students be used for graduate-oriented initiatives such as research/creative scholarship, professional development, minority recruitment, and other appropriate activities.


Garth prepared a resolution (and had selected GC members review a draft) and delivered it to Chancellor Hastad on April 12, 2004.  See attached.


The GC will continue to discuss this topic at future meetings.


Meeting adjourned:  3:30 p.m.



Next Meeting:          Friday, April 23, 2004 (2:30 p.m.).  Please be prepared to discuss the GRC 799 item – proposal to require GRC in Summer session.



Respectfully submitted, Fran Temp, Recording Secretary


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