Meeting was called to order at 3:35 p.m


Members present: Grunwald, Hindson, Hollenbeck, Johnson (chair), Martinez, Riley, Winfrey

Members Excused: Betton, Leonard

Consultants present: Schumacher, Magerus, May, Beck


1.  M/S/P to approve minutes of meeting of 9/29 with discussed changes.


2.  Announcements and Reminders

a.       There is a bill before the legislature to encourage transfer of credits from tech colleges to universities in the UW System.  Part of this legislation would require all colleges, universities and technical colleges offering Liberal Arts Associate Degrees to have uniform Gen Ed programs. It was noted that members should pay attention to this because it has relevance to Gen Ed here.  


b.       The Chair again announced that there are many meetings dealing with assessment that are available for members to attend.  The Provost will provide support for attending such meetings.  Anyone interested should contact the Chair.


3.  Old Business

a.       The new criteria/forms for submitting Gen Ed course proposals was reviewed again.  The Chair had incorporated suggestions from the previous meeting and presented a revised draft. The following major changes were agreed on by consensus.  

(1)  Eliminate Level #1 in the table, “Importance (Emphasis placed on outcome in the course) of Outcome” so that there are only 3 levels.  The three levels, from least emphasis to most emphasis, are (1) Outcome is Introduced, (2) Outcome is Very Important in the Course, and (3) Outcome is a Major Emphasis in the Course.

(2)  Eliminate the description and check boxes identifying the course as either a depth or breadth course.

(3)  Addition of an example course that included the table of outcomes, a description of how the outcomes would be incorporated into the course and the student learning activities, and a description of what students should be able to do and know (the outcome) written in the context of the specific course and discipline. 


The Chair will circulate to members a newly revised version of the criteria that includes the suggested changes.  Members are asked to provide feedback ASAP so that it can be presented to SEC and then Faculty Senate.


Note:  The following two items should be revisited in the future for addition into the review criteria/form for Gen Ed courses.  “How is the course appropriate for the general student population or how does it help to make the student a good citizen?” and “What really makes a gen ed course a gen ed course?”


b.              By consensus it was determined that the dates initially set for review of Gen Ed course proposals and WIMP proposals of Nov 3rd and 17th be changed to Nov 17th and Dec 1st.  The spring review dates of Feb 2nd and 16th were kept as is.


c.              Membership of the subcommittees was reviewed and new member names were shared.

(1)        First Year Experience (FYE):  Mary Leonard, Jess Hollenback, Bruce Riley, and consultants: Mick Miyamoto, Nick Nicklaus, Chris Bakkum, and Telitha Bean Thompson.

(2)        Assessment:  Sandy Grunwald, Jean Hindson, John Betton and Terry Beck (consultant)

(3)        Structure: Mike Winfrey, Ray Martinez, and consultants Diane Schumacher, Deb Hoskins,  and John Magerus.


The Assessment and Structure Groups have identified a time to meet for their first meeting. 


The chair has sent e-mails to associate deans of each college asking them to identify possible individuals who would be willing to serve on the assessment committee.  She is also in the process of identifying individuals from each college who may be willing to serve on the Structure Group.  


Next meeting will be Monday, October 20, 2003


Meeting adjourned at 5:13 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Sandy Grunwald, Recorder