General Education Committee Meeting Minutes

February 2, 2004

325 Graff Main Hall


Members Present:  Mary Leonard, John Betton, Jean Hindson, Jess Hollenback, Bruce Riley, Brian Udermann, Mike Winfrey, Matt Palma (student rep.).

Consultants Present: Diane Schumacher, Bruce May, Terry Beck

Guests Present:  Pat DiRocco

Members Excused:  Emily Johnson (Chair), Sandy Grunwald



I.  The meeting was called to order at 3:36.


II.  Diane Schumacher served as Chair for the meeting.


III.  Minutes of the January 20 meeting not yet available.


IV.  Diane delivered announcements from Emily Johnson:

  A.  Mike Winfrey will attend the AAC&U conference March 4-6.

  B.  More information regarding Senior Survey yet to come.

  C. Can the FYE and Structure groups meet February 9 at 3:30?


V.  Report from GEC Structure Sub Committee:

  A.  Mike Winfrey reported that it is important for the Structure and FYE committees to meet together.  The committees are beginning to overlap in some of the areas.

  B.  Discussion of foundation courses with the key question:  What is the foundation for a First Year Experience?

  C.  Discussion:  How do we incorporate foundational things into FYE if we do not have funding?

  D.  Discussion:  Should we look at training all GenEd teachers?

  E.  Discussion:  What should we be doing about Freshman Seminar?


VI.  Second Reading Exercise and Sport Science Writing-in-the-Major Proposal

  A.  Brian Udermann presented the revised proposal with the suggested changes.  Pat DiRocco answered questions.


VII. M/S/P to approve the second reading of the Writing-in-the-Major Proposal for Exercise and Sport Science with the effective retro date of Fall of 2003.


VIII.  The meeting was adjourned at 5:01.  (The snow continued to fall).


Respectfully submitted,


Mary Leonard, Recorder