Meeting was called to order at approximately 3.34 p.m.


Members present: Betton, Leonard, Hindson, Johnson (chair),Hollenbeck, Grunwald, Riley, Winfield

Members absent: Martinez

Consultants present: Schumacher, Magerus, May, Beck


Betton made apologies for absence at the last meeting.


1.  M/S/P to approve minutes of meeting of 9/15 as distributed.


2.  Chair’s report:

a.       The chair met with the SEC about the criteria for review of courses.  They asked the committee to clarify more the criteria for course approval. The chair will present a revised version to the committee at the next meeting as which time the committee will need to approve a final version.

b.       Chair met with the Dean’s Council to discuss the role of SCH and Gen Ed. The Chair will work with Akorlie Nyatepe-Coo to examine credit hours generated via General Education courses by colleges and departments and possible alternative structures for “housing” these credit hours.  


c.       The Chair provided information on several workshop or conference opportunities.  These included: Assessment, AGLS, FYE and Service-Learning workshop in Madison, and the AAC&U General Education Conference.  The provost office will support one member from the General Education committee to attend an Assessment workshop/conference if the General Education committee also supports one member.  These individuals do not need to attend the same workshop or conference.  Committee members are also encouraged to consider attendance at other General Education related conferences.


d.       Chair asked whether the Gen Ed committee would consider supporting UW-L’s involvement in the Democracy Project by providing some funds for purchase of the New York Times newspaper for students in courses that commit to using the NYT in their teaching.  The per day cost per student is 40 cents. This item will be discussed again after more information is available.


e.       The Wisconsin Campus Compact, of which UW-L is a part, will be holding regional meetings around the state to discuss service learning and citizenship. The Chair encouraged GEC members to consider being one of the reps on the team from UWL that will attend these meetings.


3.  Old Business

a.              Motions previously distributed by Mike Winfrey were discussed. The committee agreed that tasks groups should be formed for each of the three motions at some point in time. A task group should also look at the proposal to require an International Experience and/or a meaningful cross-cultural or multicultural experience. Considerable discussion occurred on the pros and cons of an International Experience, what constitutes such an experience, and whether an alternative “national” experience should also be considered. 


b.              The Chair identified several tasks that need to be addressed relating to revisions in the Gen Ed Program in addition to those listed in the motions above.  By consensus, the committee approved the creation of three top priority task groups and members volunteered for different groups.  Each group will try to secure non-committee members to gain wider campus input.  The three groups and committee members on them are:

(1)  First Year Experience (FYE):  Mary Leonard, Jess Hollenback, Bruce Riley and Diane Schumacher (consultant).

(2)  Assessment:  Sandy Grunwald, Jean Hindson and Terry Beck (consultant)

(3) Structure: Mike Winfrey and John Magerus (consultant)


The Chair will try to be part of each group.  Each group should try to recruit other members from across campus and the Chair will forward names for different groups.  Groups should come to Monday’s meeting having selected a meeting time.


Some discussion on the FYE followed. This included the current freshmen seminar, a freshmen year experience or seminar based on themes, and possible freshmen core courses. Bruce Riley distributed a list of suggested first semester core courses for math/science students that he generated after talking with faculty in SAH.


Next meeting will be Monday, October 06, 2003


Meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

John Betton, Recorder