International Education

Committee Meeting Minutes

Cartwright Center Room 330

                                   October 22, 2003                                


Present:  Don Kuderer (Chair), Ashley Burrowes, Jaclyn Cardin (Student Association Representative), Georges Cravins, Jenny Hill (Student Association Representative), Kent Koppleman, Nancy Navar, Cheri Niedzwiecki, S. N. Rojagopal, Sharon Scherwitz


Excused: Mehmet Aritan


Consultants:    Lisa Swayhoover, Study Abroad Programs Coordinator/OIE

Eric Kraemer, Director of International Studies Curriculum


I.                   Meeting was called to order by Chair Kuderer at 3:30pm. 

II.                Introductions and Welcome

III.             Approval of the Minutes

*      M/S/P to approve the Oct. 8th meeting minutes with slight revisions/ corrections.

IV.              Reports/Related discussion


A.  Office of International Education--Lisa Swayhoover provided the following information:

*      Trip to Egypt by Lokken and Chancellor Hastad went well.

*      Per SIVAS Regulations, the Department of Homeland Security will be conducting visits to assess compliance.

*      Spring Study Abroad Session

§         Deadline was last Wednesday, Oct. 15

§         108 students applied

*      London Trip

§         Embedded trip to London for theater appreciation, honors classes, and theater workshop students.

*      Italy Trip

§          Dr. Ardovino is offering trip to Italy for Recreation and Therapeutic Recreation students

§         Dates are finalized in January

§         Nov. 3rd is deadline for students to apply

*      Guidelines for International Study Tour Programs and the Budget Worksheet are now available on the Faculty Senate website.  The coversheet will also be made available soon.


B.  International Studies Curriculum--Eric Kraemer provided the following information:

*      INS Minor

§         2 dozen students declared minor

§         Numbers moving up slowly, but steadily

§         Trying to get 3 credits for study abroad to fit into international studies general education requirement.

§         2 possible new emphasis courses:  Asian Studies and African Studies (hopefully will be reviewed next semester for approval)


V.                 General Discussion of International Education Initiatives

*      Chancellor Hastad and Provost Hitch will be attending our meeting on Nov. 5th.

§         Discussion focused on the preparation of a list of questions and/or topics which could be addressed at the Nov. 5th meeting. A list of topics will be forwarded to respective parties prior to the meeting.

*      Chair Kuderer asked that people send him emails of questions by October 29th to comprise a list of questions/topics for the next meeting. 


*      Next meeting will be in Room 330 of Cartwright Center at 3:20pm on Wednesday, November 5th, 2003.


*      M/S/P to adjourn at 4:55 pm.


Submitted by Jenny Hill