International Education Committee


Minutes of Meeting of November 19, 2003


Members Present: Don Kuderer (Chair); Mehmet Aritan; Georges Cravins; Nancy Navar; S. N. Rajagopal; Sharon Scherwitz

Consultants Present: Eric Kraemer (INS); Lisa Swayhoover (OIE)

Members Excused: Cheri Niedzwiecki; Ashley Burrowes; Kent Koppelman


  1. The meeting began at 3:40 PM.
  2. Chair Kuderer reported on recent activities by IEC members. This included recent conferences and workshops attended, recent awards and recognitions received, and lectures presented.
  3. Chair Kuderer read a letter from Faculty Senate Chair Robert Hoar to the IEC. In the letter, the Senate Chair made reference to the IEC meeting of November 5, 2003 (which he attended) and encouraged the committee to continue to develop serious international education options for UW-L students.
  4. The committee has received several proposals. Members are encouraged to review these and bring any comments to the meeting of December 3, 2003, when the proposals will be formally considered.
  5. Matt Taylor and Karolyn Bald are proposing a J-Term 2005 trip to Ghana.
  6. Chair Kuderer distributed copies of the names of committee members with their e-mail addresses.
  7. Lisa Swayhoover (OIE) reported that 14% of UW-L’s December grads will have studied abroad. Lisa said that UW-La Crosse was the only UW System school which reported an increase in international students during Fall, 2003. Jay Lokken (Director, OIE) is in Russia and will also be visiting programs at the University of Frankfurt, Germany.
  8. Lisa Swayhoover met with Emily Johnson to discuss the appeal process and credits for study abroad programs in the general education curriculum.
  9. Eric Kraemer reported on recent efforts by the Office of International Studies Curriculum to revise INS 250. He also discussed his efforts to institute a concentration in Asia Studies.
  10. Mehmet Aritan discussed his African Geography course which looks at issues of medical geography. He would like to propose this course for the graduate level.
  11. It was decided to table the ongoing discussion of issues arising from the Nov. 5 meeting until the Dec. 3 meeting or, given the busy agenda for the next meeting, until February. Where do we go from here? It was suggested that we email ideas for this to Don or jot them down and have them available for discussion at future meetings.
  12. With Raj and Georges leaving to teach their classes, we had no quorum to review minutes from the previous two meetings.
  13. The meeting adjourned at 4:34 PM.


Minutes recorders,

Georges Cravins (items 1-9); Sharon Scherwitz (items 10-13)