International Education Committee

December 3, 2003 Meeting Minutes


Members Present: D. Kuderer, Chair; A. Burrowes; J. Hill; K. Koppelman; N. Navar; S. N. Rajagopal; S. Scherwitz


Members Excused: M. Aritan; G. Cravins; C. Niedzwiecki


Consultants present: E. Kraemer; H. Rost; L. Swayhoover


Guests: Patricia Ardovino; Deborah Hanmer; Matthew Taylor; Karolyn Bald


  1. The meeting was called to order at 3:35 PM.
  2. Burrowes and Koppelman agreed to serve as recorders for today’s meeting.
  3. Patricia Ardovino (Recreation Management/Therapeutic Recreation) presented details of her International Study Tour to Italy to be conducted during J-Term of 2004 (Jan. 8-21). The proposal was presented as an FYI only since the International Education Committee had previously approved this study tour.
  4. Deborah Hanmer (Biology) described her proposed International Study Tour to Costa Rica in which students will receive credit for a special topics seminar (BIO 260) titled “Tropical Ecology and Conservation in Costa Rica” to be offered during J-Term of 2005 (Jan. 3-21). The Committee asked questions for clarification and discussed the issue of appropriate credits for the course. It was suggested that the course be for 2 credits with a 3rd credit option. Committee members recommended that the final syllabus include an outline of daily topics/activities.

M/S/P to approve the Hanmer proposal pending finalization of the budget and syllabus.

  1. Matthew Taylor (Psychology) and Karolyn Bald (Career Services) described their proposed International Study Tour to Ghana which will be offered under INS 225 with either PSY 280 or UWL 100 as a prerequisite. Committee members discussed the reasons for these prerequisites and whether UWL 100 students should be given a priority if enrollment exceeded the 25 student limit.

M/S/P to give an initial approval recommending that the planning continue and that the final proposal include more description of the evaluation process (to distinguish between students from UWL 100 and PSY 280 students).

  1. Committee members were asked to send the chair their spring schedules so that he can determine a time for our meetings next semester.
  2. Since we lost our quorum, the chair will send an e-mail asking all committee members to suggest corrections of any of our minutes and ask for an electronic vote to approve those minutes with suggested corrections.
  3. No report from Dr. Kraemer. Hong Rost reported that the Office of  International Education recruited 75 students this year, but that UW-L administration had increased their recruiting goal for next year to 91 students. Committee members expressed some concern about how realistic the new goal was.
  4. Meeting was adjourned at 4:50 PM.


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Ashley Burrowes and Kent Koppelman