International Education Committee

Meeting Minutes for April 30, 2004

331 Cartwright Center


Present: D. Kuderer (Chair), Nancy Navar, Jenny Hill (Student Association Representative), Patricia Nelson, Jeff Bryan, Georges Cravins, Ashley Burrowes, April Handtke (Academic Staff Representative), Kent Koppelman, Eric Kraemer (INS, Consultant), Lisa Swayhoover (OIE, Consultant)


Excused: S. N. Rajagopal


Guest: Jodie Wagner (Counseling Center and CSAA faculty)


  1. The meeting was called to order by Chair Kuderer at 12:10 pm.


  1. M/S/P to approve the minutes of the April 23, 2004 meeting.


Some discussion occurred concerning the “re-entry” of UW-L students after their study abroad. One suggestion to facilitate this included having Jay L. or Eric K. send a memo to department chairs each fall, informing them of the importance of acknowledging a student’s re-entry after study abroad. Although an extended discussion occurred here, other methods for assisting with re-entry are recorded under the INS report later in the meeting.


  1. Office of International Education (via Lisa) provided dessert as a token thank you to Don as Chair of the committee this year. The committee also extended thank you to Don Kuderer for serving as chair.


  1. INS report by Eric Kraemer


4.1   It is difficult to expand international efforts when UW-L lost 6.9% of its faculty last year. Other campuses such as UW-River Falls are expanding their international emphasis and are even looking to get an international studies major approved in the future.

4.2   Some of the UW-L faculty searches might consider a faculty member’s willingness to pursue international involvement.

4.3  INS 250 (pre-international), INS 251 (during international experience), and INS 252 (after international experience) are courses that will meet general education requirements beginning Fall, 2004. This is positive progress.

4.4  The Provost will be forming a Task Force on Academic Initiatives on International Education. In general, this ad hoc task force will focus on delineating student choices, seeking grants, and exporting course work internationally. The INS office recommends that any recommendations coming from this task force still go through the appropriate UW-L governance structures (International Education Committee, Office of International Studies, Undergraduate Curriculum Committees, etc.).

  1. M/S/P The outgoing Chair of the International Education Committee (Don Kuderer) and one of the continuing members of the IEC should serve on the Task Force on Academic Initiatives on International Education.


M/S/P The IEC requests that recommendations generated by the Task Force be forwarded to the IEC for approval.


The members of the IEC believe that continuity between the two related groups (Task Force and IEC) is very important if progress is to be made.


  1. Jodie Wagner discussed her proposal to take College Student Personnel graduate students and similar students from other universities to London to study higher education and student affairs. This should help prepare students to do student service work in other countries. The committee encouraged Jodie to pursue the development of this project. Jodie will present a finished proposal to the IEC in early Fall, 2004.


  1. Some discussion continued on the idea of continuity of the IEC from year to year. One possible way to facilitate this would be to elect a Chair and a Chair-elect. No decision was made concerning this.


  1. Next meeting is May 7 at 12:05 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Nancy Navar