August 16, 2004


TO: Bruce V. Riley, Chair, Faculty Senate


FROM: Don Kuderer, Chair, International Education Committee, 2003-2004


SUBJECT:  2003-2004 International Education Committee Activities Report


The International Education Committee (IEC) held its organizational meeting on September 24, 2003 followed by thirteen official meetings conducted during the academic year 2003-2004.  The minutes of the meetings of October 8, October 22, November, 5, November 19, December 3, February 13, February 20, March 5, March 26, April 2, April 23 and April 30 are posted on the International Education site listed under Faculty Committees on the Faculty Senate web page.


One of our first orders of business was to review and approve the revised “Guidelines for International Study Tour Programs.” These guidelines, as well as the IEC By-Laws, Study Tour Cover Sheet and Study Tour Budget Worksheet, are now available on the Faculty Senate website. Access to these documents is now very easy: go to the UW-L home page, click on Faculty & Staff, go to University Governance and click on Faculty Senate, go to Faculty Committees and then click on International Education. The IEC encourages anyone who is interested in pursuing plans for a study tour to consult the IEC By-Laws and the Study Tour guidelines in order to follow the necessary, established procedures.


During the academic year 2003-2004 the International Education Committee conducted the following business pertaining to international study tours. It should be noted that an entire meeting was often needed for one individual proposal.

1)      Update by Patricia Ardovino (Therapeutic Recreation and Recreation Management) on the J-term 2004 Study Tour to Italy (“Therapeutic Recreation and Recreation Management in Italy”).

2)      Overview provided by Deborah Hanmer (Biology) of her Proposal for an International Study Tour to Costa Rica (“Tropical Ecology and Conservation in Costa Rica), planned for J-term, 2005; M/S/P to approve the proposal pending finalization of the budget and provision of a more detailed syllabus.

3)      Overview provided by Matthew Taylor (Psychology) and Karolyn Bald (Career Services) of their Proposal for an International Study Tour to Ghana, Africa (“Seminar in World Area Studies: UWL 100 & PSY280 in Ghana, Africa”), planned for J-term, 2005; M/S/P to approve the proposal pending additional information pertaining to the evaluation process to be used.

4)      Tim Mc Andrews (Sociology and Archaeology) shared his plans for the “Archaeological Field School in the South American Andes-Bolivia,” planned for Summer, 2005; M/S/P to endorse Prof. Mc Andrews’ summer internship/field research program to be conducted in Bolivia during Summer, 2004 and requested that Prof. Mc Andrews be invited to a meeting during the next academic year to provide a report on his Summer, 2004 internship/field research program.

5)      Pam Rodgers and Curt Reithel (Political Science/Public Administration) presented a detailed report on their Spring, 2004 London Study Tour and described changes that were being made to the Fall, 2004 London Study Tour.

6)      Jodie Wagner (CSDA/Counseling & Testing) presented her Proposal for International Study Tour to Great Britain, “Student Affairs Study Tour to Great Britain,” planned for Summer, 2005. She plans to take College Student Personnel graduate students and similar students from other universities to London to study higher education and student affairs. The committee encouraged Jodie to pursue the development of this project and to present a finished proposal to the IEC in early Fall, 2004.

7)      Georges Cravins (Geography) presented his Study Tour Proposal, “Mexico’s Oaxaca Valley,” planned for March 11-21, 2005. The committee granted conditional approval of the proposal with the recommendations that Georges follow-up with OIE regarding liability, ID cards and arranging for some pre-departure orientation and the fees to cover OIE-related assistance.

8)      Ashley Burrowes (Accountancy) provided the committee with information pertaining to his planned Study Tour in “International Accounting—Sweden, United Kingdom, Belgium, Finland” for J-term, 2005. This proposal, in its final form, must be submitted to the IEC for review as soon as possible in the Fall, 2004 semester. Recommendations were made by the committee to Prof. Burrowes. Conditional approval was granted by the committee, pending final completion of the proposal and necessary documents (budget page, cover sheet).


We received regular reports from Jay Lokken, Hong Rost and Lisa Swayhoover (all Office of International Education staff) pertaining to the on-going assessment of the international education programs. Jay, Hong and Lisa, as well as Lisbeth Reynertson and Sandra Sieber, also from the Office of International Education, traveled to various international study sites and reported their findings and observations to the IEC membership. The OIE consultants also provided the IEC with updates on significant policy changes (Department of Homeland Security) that affect international study programs and international students coming to or attempting to come to the United States. UW-L delegations traveled to Egypt, China, Hong Kong,  Taiwan, England, Scotland, Germany and Russia as part of the international study assessment process.


We also received regular reports from the Student Association President, Luke Naegele, pertaining to the student tuition differential. Jay Lokken and Lisa Swayhoover also reported regularly on the status of the student tuition differential funds and how they were being used to support and enhance international study and travel experiences for the UW-L students. The IEC chair also met with Luke Naegele in April, 2004 to receive an update to report to the IEC. The IEC membership consisted of two Student Association Representatives—Jennifer Hill (Fall and Spring semesters) and Jaclyn Cardin (Fall semester)—who served as liaisons between this committee and the Student Association activities. The IEC was consistently impressed with the contributions and achievements of the Student Association to foster international education through the use of student tuition differential initiatives.


Eric Kraemer, the Director of the International Studies Curriculum, and consultant to the IEC, provided the committee with regular updates on the development of Asian Studies and African Studies emphases within the INS Minor. He also informed the committee of the status of the INS 250, INS 251 and INS 252 courses as they made their way through the University Curriculum Committee and the General Education Committee. These courses were approved by the appropriate bodies by the end of the academic year. The courses will enhance the pre-international orientation (INS 250), during international experience (INS 251) and post-international experience (INS 252) and will meet General Education requirements beginning Fall, 2004.


In addition, I am sending you two attachments:

1)      A list of questions/topics, based on the input from the International Education Committee members, as well as the Consultants and the Student Association Representatives to the IEC, in preparation for our November 5, 2003 meeting with Chancellor Hastad and Provost Hitch. The preparation for this meeting and the meeting itself reflect what I believe to be some major groundwork as this university begins to establish international education options for UW-L students. These topics should be of value for the 2004-2005 committee.

2)      My letter of January 25, 2004 to Prof. Bob Hoar, Chair of the Faculty Senate for the academic year 2003-2004. This letter highlights and summarizes the key business conducted by the IEC during the Fall, 2003 semester.


I have sent to Sibbie the minutes for all of our meetings held during 2003-2004 except for the May 7 meeting. April Handtke took the minutes for our last meeting and I have not received them from her. Perhaps she could submit them to Prof. Hench who is the convener for this year’s committee.


Please feel free to contact me should you need any additional information or have any questions and/or comments regarding the contents of this report.




Don Kuderer

Chair, IEC, 2003-2004