Faculty Senate Library Committee

                                                                        Meeting Minutes

                                                                         23 April 2004


Present:  Tim Gerber, Chair (Biology), William Barillas (English),  Paul Beck (Library),  Elisabeth Peyer (Student Senate), Karl Kattchee (Mathematics), Beth Seeback (Psychology), Glenn Knowles (Economics).

Consultant: Anita Evans (Library)

Visitors: Galadriel Chilton (Library), Cris Prucha (Library)


The meeting was called to order at 3:00 p.m.


1. The committee approved the March meeting minutes (8/0/0).


2. The committee discussed the presentation by Ken Frazier.  Gerber noted that 33 people attended, including visitors from Viterbo University, Winona State University and the La Crosse Public Library.  All who attended commented that the presentation was very good and informative.  


3. Cris Prucha from Murphy Library gave a guest presentation on information literacy.  She recently was the first recipient of the Information Literacy Award from the Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians.    Prucha and Stefan Smith have been successful in acquiring a classroom modernization grant for Murphy Library room 30 for approximately $28,000.  This will be used to purchase new furniture and an instructor’s station to accommodate group learning.   Prucha noted the following regarding the Information Learning Instruction Program:  (1) the freshman seminar UWL 100 was taught using problem-based learning and according to Emily Johnson it was very successful, (2) other disciplines have used the program, including Occupational Therapy and Psychology, and (3) The program is available to all faculty for use in their classes.


4. Galadriel Chilton from Murphy Library presented preliminary results of the LibQUALl+ survey.  Since the start of the survey through April 23, a total of 481 responses were received.  The average time to complete the survey was 16 minutes.  All user groups reached the 15% response target, with undergraduates exceeding expectations.   A total of 143 responses included comments, mostly on library space and service.  The final results should be available in May.


5.  Anita Evans commented on the ExLibris MetaLib implementation progress.  She also handed out Universal Borrowing statistics for July 2003 through March 4, 2004.   It was noted that UWL borrows more than lends.   The CUWL Ccollection Management Taskforce will be looking at duplication across the UW library system.


6. Galadriel Chilton demonstarted the SFX and MetaLib linking softwares.  SFX will provide users with a link between databases and on-line full text articles, and MetaLib will also link multiple databases so that users do not need to enter a search term multiple times.


The next meeting was set for May 14, 3:00 p.m.


Meeting adjourned at 4:05 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Cynthia Berlin