Faculty Senate Library Committee

Meeting Minutes

3:00 pm, May 14, 2004


In attendance: Tim Gerber (Biology), Paul Beck (Murphy Library), Glenn Knowles (Economic), Denis Provencher (Modern Languages), Darlene Lake (Modern Languages), Karl Kattchee (Mathematics)


Consultant: Anita Evans (Library)


Excused: Gwen Achenreiner, William Barillas, Cynthia Berlin, Scott Dickmeyer, Boon Murray, and Beth Seebach


The meeting was called to order at 3:00 pm. 


The entire meeting was devoted to a discussion of the Faculty Senate Library Committee Report for 2003-2004.  Tim Gerber briefly introduced the document and summarized his efforts to draft it. The rest of the meeting involved an open discussion of each of the items listed in the document.  Committee members made comments in order to help clarify the document.  What follows is a list of clarifications that will be incorporated into the final draft of the report. 


Review of Faculty Senate Charges and the Committee’s Accomplishments:


Item 1: Glen Knowles expressed his success using electronic journals, especially quality of graphics (i.e. charts and footnotes) in electronic articles, which he has accessed primarily through J-STOR.  Anita Evans reminded the committee that this issue had been discussed at length during the fall 2003 committee meetings and this has prompted Murphy library staff to communicate this to UW System in regard to ILLiad Odyssey document delivery, etc. to work on improving the quality of e-journals. This feedback on the success of electronic journals should be incorporated into the document.  It was also suggested that next year’s committee should follow up on this by having faculty check their respective fields in terms of e-journal and document reliability.


Item 2: Clarification: None


Item 3: Clarification: The database on databases is more of a management tool for Murphy Library and its librarians.  There is not a website accessible to faculty. 


Item 4: Clarification: Stefan Smith has received some feedback on questionnaires.  Apparently, the walk-in visits were not as helpful as the targeted email. Also, the best time for class sessions was during the “pre-first week” and first week of fall term.


Item 5:  Cris Prucha reported to the committee on the Information Literacy document that this committee worked on for General Education.  The modernization grant is a separate issue.  Tim Gerber will separate these paragraphs. 


Item 6: Anita Evans spoke briefly about results of the LibQual+ survey and suggested that next year’s committee investigate the deficits (electronic materials; physical space) and how to address.


Item 7: SFX is now active: this includes EBSCOHOST and other databases.  Anita Evans will help Tim Gerber clarify this.  Anita also suggested that next year’s committee look more closely at how it can educate users in the UWL community on how to utilize MetaLib which allows for searching across databases.  MetaLib will probably be implemented in spring 2005.


Item 8: Add something here about policy?  Delete the second section that is titled: “Liaison between faculty and library staff regarding policy-related issues.”


Report on Library Usage:


Clarifications: Change the language to read: “Library Services related to 4 + 4 + 4 plan.”


Report on budget reductions.


Clarifications: Change the language to read something like: “Continue to monitor budget reductions, equity in terms of subscription cancellations and departmental responses to modification (cancellation) requests.”


The suggestion was made to have this committee work as an advocate for alternatives sources to subscriptions such as the exploration of documents delivery items.  Add John Jax’s PowerPoint presentation here as an appendix. In the fall semester, the committee members suggested further development of the web smart page to educate faculty about electronic resources. Jen Holman did create a web site in response to these recommendations. 


Insert the title of Ken Frazier’s talk here. 


Report on departmental budget appropriations.


Clarifications: None




Clarifications:  List all Faculty Senate Library Committee Members.  Add Anita Evans at the end as “consultant.” 


Clarification: General Conclusion and suggested Topics for next committee.  Tim Gerber drafted a list of possible initiatives for next year’s library committee. 

The committee also approved the meeting minutes of April 23, 2004.  M/S/P 8-0-0


The meeting adjourned at 4 pm.


Respectfully submitted,



Denis Provencher