PTS Committee Meeting Minutes

April 21, 2004 4:00pm, 432 CWH


Present:  Carol Miller, Carl Foster, Robert Carney, Wahhab Khandker, Dick Sullivan

Excused:  Susan Kelly, Deborah Dougherty-Harris, Joseph Anderson, Robin McCannon


Approval of Minutes of 2/11/04 meeting: MSP (Foster/Sullivan)

Old Business: 

Members discussed the committee’s report and recommendation to Faculty Senate with regard to the charge of assessing the types and quantity of service performed by faculty and how this impacts service on standing committees and promotion.  Carl reported that the process of writing the letters to candidates explaining why they did not get promoted has been changed in the Joint Promotion Committee.  He said that each committee member will now be responsible for drafting the letters for certain candidates and then presenting the letters to the committee for approval. Wahhab suggested that we highlight the positive steps that JPC has taken to clarify the expectations for promotion.  Dick added that the expectations must be clear, but we cannot have itemized criteria for promotion, because that will be impossible to do across disciplines and over time.  The consensus of the committee was to send out final drafts of the Report and Recommendation to be voted on via email.


New Business:

1.  New Charge from Faculty Senate:  JPC’s proposed new eligibility requirements for promotion.


JPC passed a motion to ask the PTS to consider: a) five years at rank of Assistant Professor be required for promotion to Associate Professor, b) five years at rank of Associate Professor be required for promotion to Professor, and c) to determine whether a residency requirement (time in service at UW-L) ought to be specified for eligibility for promotion.


Currently the requirements at UW-L are: “…a minimum of five years of teaching or other appropriate experience” for eligibility for promotion to Associate and “…a minimum of 10 years full-time college-university teaching or other appropriate experience” for eligibility for promotion to Professor.


JPC forwarded information about eligibility requirements at other comparable universities in the UW-System.  PTS members investigated the requirements further. Each member brought the requirements of time in rank/service for the different universities used as comparisons to UW-L. A few of those who did not attend sent the information they acquired to Carol.  See attached Table 1.


JPC also forwarded data on average time in rank before being promoted for the years past and by college.  The committee decided to request similar data from the university, but to include “average time in service (full-time college/university teaching experience).”  This will allow the committee to assess if the time in service and time and rank differ. 


The committee decided to attempt to obtain similar data on average time of service (full-time college/university teaching experience) and average time in rank before promotion from at least two comparable universities in the UW-System (e.g. UW-Eau Claire and/or UW-Whitewater).


Because this issue has important implications, the committee will request further information and take up this discussion and its consideration in the Fall.


2.  Feedback to JPC about the recently drafted “A Guide to Faculty Promotions and Portfolio Development at UW-La Crosse.”  The committee (PTS) discussed the fact that these guidelines will definitely be helpful to candidates, but members wanted to read it more thoroughly in order to give constructive critiques on some of the examples of evidence that the guidelines offer to prospective promotion candidates.


Meeting adjourned at 4:55 pm.




Table 1. Minimum time of experience for promotion (UW-Cluster Campuses)



Requirements for Assoc. Prof.

Requirements for Professor

Eau Claire


A minimum of 5 years of full-time equivalency in teaching and/or professional experience and including

no less than 3 years of full-time college teaching.  Additional information: A period of at least five years is ordinarily needed in order to provide time for a candidate to establish a record which will result in the support of the Department Subcommittee for a promotion. This time period is not, however, to be seen as either necessary or sufficient.

A minimum of 12 years of full-time equivalency in teaching and/or professional experience and including

no less than 5 years of full-time college teaching.


Green Bay


Promotion tied to tenure.  “The initial probationary appointment at the rank of either assistant professor, associate professor, or professor shall be for no more than three years. After not more than six years of full-time service at his university, as an assistant professor, associate professor, or after the equivalent of not more than six years of full-time service at this university in the ranks of instructor or and assistant professor combined, a faculty member will be notified in writing by the interdisciplinary unit or the administration no later than the end of his/her sixth year that he/she will be recommended for tenure or will not be recommended for tenure.  The above provisions do not preclude the awarding of tenure after a period of service shorter than six years.





Can not access. Promotion tied to tenure




“at least five years of documented effective teaching at the college level (including at least 3 years at UWP)”

“at least 10 years of documented effective teaching at the college level including at least 3 years at UWP”

River Falls


“a minimum of six years of teaching or equivalency with a minimum of three academic years as an Assistant Professor at this University will be required.”

“Ten years of full-time college/university teaching or equivalency is required. A minimum of three of those years must be at the rank of Associate Professor at this University.”

Stevens Point





“At least five years of teaching experience and/or relevant work experience”

“At least seven years of teaching and/or relevant work experience showing evidence of excellence, with five years of this experience consisting of teaching and/or work experience at the college or university level”



“4 years of full-time college or university teaching…”  Additional Info:

In order to carry in years of service, the faculty member must demonstrate it was truly equivalent.”

“10 years of college or university teaching…”