PTS Committee Meeting Minutes

September 18th, 2003


Members Present:  Bob Carney, Carol Miller, Deborah Dougherty-Harris, Kick Sullivan, Joe Anderson, Robin McCannon, Sue Kelly, Wahhab Khandker


Members Absent: Carl Foster



An initial meeting was called at the request of member Bob Carney.  He asked that the PTS committee consider the System’s proposal regarding the payment of benefits and System’s “companion proposal” of employees paying twice the cost of what the state pays for benefits, with the extra money being earmarked for pay increases, in order to increase the base pay.  Bob explained both the pros and cons of the plans.  There was much discussion.  Although a formal motion was not made, there was general agreement that the risks of the proposal out-weighed the benefits of the proposal.  There were too many unanswered questions, and it was felt to be imprudent to move ahead with too many unanswered questions, especially when this proposal can potentially set a precedent.


Carol Miller graciously accepted the nomination for Chair, and Deborah Dougherty-Harris volunteered to take minutes.  The next meeting was set for October 2nd, at which time the committee will begin work on the formal charges by the Senate. 


Respectfully submitted,


Deborah Dougherty-Harris