Faculty Senate’s Research and Grants Committee

Minutes of meeting held on 4 November, 2003


  1. Meeting started 6:35 pm
  2. Bill Gresens made several points regarding the selection process:
    1. Discussion of proposals on 20 November
    2. Ballots to be submitted by 25 November, on 0-10 point scale
    3. We will meet 2 December to announce awards
    4. Ranking should initially be based on merit, with later discussion of budget items
  3. Five proposal authors presented their submissions:
    1. Rick Gillis
    2. Steve Simpson
    3. Tim McAndrews
    4. Jen Miskowski
    5. Leslie Oganowski
  4. Ahmed Ali did not present as scheduled, and the committee will contact him and take further action.
  5. Meeting finished at 8:45 pm


Committee Attendance:

Stroud               Miller

Cooper              Nelson

Cravins              Pandit

Giddings            Pena

Gresens             Rolfhus

Saros                 Terpstra






Recording Secretary

Kris Rolfhus