Faculty Senate’s Research and Grants Committee

Minutes of meeting held on 2 December, 2003


  1. Meeting started 5:10 pm
  2. Motion to structure awards in a tiered system: 100/90/80/70/50% funding
  3. Motion that the top 4 proposals be funded in full
  4. Motion that bottom 3 proposals, based upon average rank, will not get funded (Drs. Buffton, Oganowski, and Chen)
  5. All motions were seconded
  6. Comments on the bottom 3 proposals are to be sent to Dr. Terpstra in case they are required
  7. Dr. Terpstra will send committee recommendations to the Provost’s Office
  8. A spring meeting will be announced to coordinate next year’s committee
  9. Meeting finished 7:30 pm 


Committee Attendance:

Stroud               Miller

Nelson               Rolfhus

Cravins              Terpstra

Giddings            Pandit

Gresens             Saros

Gilmore             Pena