Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

November 11, 2003 


Members Present:                Carol Angell, Beth Cherne, Ron Glass, Terry Kelly, Robert Klindworth, Sami Manzke, Paul D. Miller, Dean Wilder, Marcie Wycoff-Horn, Kelli Zellinger


Members Absent:                Mandy Anderson, Chris Frye (excused), Kenny Hunt, Donald Socha (excused)


Consultants:                         Carla Burkhardt, Amelia Dittman, Emily Johnson, Chris Bakkum, Diane Schumacher


Guests:                                   Pam Rodgers, Jess Hollenback, Jodi Vandenberg-Dave, Kristina Blomquist 



1.  M/S/P to approve the minutes of October 28, 2003


2.  Second readings:

                Proposal # 5: Political Science Department (See 10/28/03 minutes for complete record)

                COURSE TITLE Changes:

POL 370, Constitutional Law I: Powers of Government, 3 cr., POL 371, Constitutional Law II: The First Amendment, 3 cr, POL 372, Constitutional Law III: Racial, Gender and Targeted Group Discrimination, 3 cr., POL 373, Constitutional Law IV: Rights of the Accused, 3 cr., POL 374, Constitutional Law V: Right to Life, 3 cr.

                COURSE Deletions:

POL 332 Russia, Commonwealth and Independent States (CIS) and Central/East European Government and Politics, 3 cr., POL 335 Soviet Seminar, 3 cr., POL 445/545 War and Peace, 3cr, POL 422/522 Current Problems in Constitutional Law, 3 cr., POL 327 Introduction to Paralegalism and Judicial Administration, 3 cr.

                NEW COURSE:

POL 446 Advanced Model United Nations, 3 cr.


POL 246 Model United Nations, 2-3 cr. COURSE DESCRIPTION, PREREQUISITES, POL 344 International Organization and Administration, 3 cr. COURSE DESCRIPTION, PREREQUISITES, POL 345 Public International Law, 3 cr. COURSE DESCRIPTION, PREREQUISITES, POL 338 European Government and Politics, 3 cr. COURSE DESCRIPTION, PREREQUISITES,


Based on feedback from the International Studies Program Director, the department decided to amend original proposal and change POL 246 to variable credit course 2-3 credits, change prerequisites for POL 338 to one of the following: POL 101, 102, 234, ANT/ECO/GEO/HIS/POL/SOC 202.


M/S/P to approve the proposal with changes.


4.  First readings:

        Proposal #4, History Department

        HIS 303, History of Labor and the Working Class, 3 cr., new course, effective Fall 2004.

This course will examine both the history of the labor movement in the United States and the complex history of class identities, political, social, and cultural. The course will go beyond traditional labor history in its attention to the way that class relationships and identities were expressed in arenas ranging from popular culture to consumption habits to familial patterns. The course will pay special attention to the way gender has shaped class identities in the past. Offered every other year.


HIS303 will be included in the Women’s Studies Minor as a Category C course and as an elective in the history majors, minor under the U.S. History category.


        HIS 302, Women, Class, and Identity in United States History 3 cr., delete course.


The registrar will work with the department to complete the LX 138C for deleting 302. M/S/P to waive a second reading and approve the proposal.


5.  Old Business:

NCATE review team meeting on Monday, November 3 at 1:10pm in Morris Hall.

The chair reported that the committee was interested in how the university ensures graduate level work in slash courses and the relationship between UCC and Teacher Education Council. 

                WTCS transfer issues

                The chair reported that Jan Von Ruden had been selected as the UWL representative on the System work group.


                Non-departmental course listing


A revised draft of the non-departmental course listing was distributed to the committee. SAH 160 was added to the list of non-departmental courses that do not apply to a program. That brings the total in that category to four. (CEI 450, 475, SAH 160, UWL 100). The committee describes a program as major, minor, concentration, emphasis, certificate, General Education. There was discussion about whether there would be an advantage to associate each course in this category with a program, but that idea was dropped. The consensus seemed to be that the academic program review committee should review these courses on a similar rotation as programs once UCC has approved them originally. 


  1. New Business:

Kristina Blomquist’s resignation from the Records and Registration Office was announced. After Nov. 21, all UCC communication should be directed to Diane Schumacher.



                SAH:      BIO 111 (taken at UW Eau Claire) for BIO 105 to fulfill General Education Requirement.


Meeting adjourned at 4:45 p.m.


Diane Schumacher

UCC Secretary