Minutes for September 22, 2004


Members present: Abdul Elfessi, Ann Hendricks, Heather Hulett, Becky LeDocq, Mary Helen McMurran, Elizabeth Seebach, Mao Zheng


Members absent (excused): Bill Cerbin, Ashley Burrowes, Catherine Wycoff



  1. Call to order at 2:15 p.m.
  2. Welcome to new members Ann Hendricks, Mary Helen McMurran and Elizabeth Seebach.
  3. Nominations for Chair of the committee taken. Becky LeDocq voted Chair.
  4. Mary Helen McMurran volunteered for position of Secretary.
  5. Review and discussion of Committee Charge. 
  6. Agenda set for fall meetings on October 13th and November 3rd.
  7. Meeting adjourned at 2:40 p.m.