Graduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

October 5, 2004


Members Present:         Barbara Eide, Carol Angell, Brad Seebach, Mark Zellmer, Jonathan Majak, Dennis Fater, Thomas Kuffel, Jeff Steffen


Members Absent:          Joel Elgin (exc.), student members were absent


Consultants:                  Diane Schumacher, Karen Mc Lean

Guests:                         Jeri Anibas


1.       M/S/P to approve minutes of September 21, 2004


2.   Proposal #1, ESS 771, Current Issues in Physical Education 2-3 cr., revise repeatable for credit. Repeatable for credit - maximum 6.


Committee asked for clarification on the maximum number of repeatable credits that can be earned toward degree.


M/S/P to waive the second reading and approve proposal pending notification to registrar, of repeatable credits toward degree


Proposal # 3, BIO 465/565, Neurophysiology, 3 cr., revise title, instructional pattern, description, effective spring 2005.

An examination of the nervous system beginning at the cellular level and working up to neuronal systems.  Topics covered during the semester include the ionic basis of membrane potentials, synaptic communication, organization of functional circuits of neurons, and systems within the brain and/or spinal cord which control learning and memory, vision and motor function.  Exploration of these fundamental neurophysiology topics form the basis for understanding a variety of student-selected topics which will be covered later in the semester.  Late-semester topics often include higher-order aspects of brain function or challenges to the nervous system – such as the repair of brain or spinal cord injury, degenerative disease states, dyslexia, or gender differences.  BIO 467 (Neurobiology Laboratory Techniques) is an optional laboratory course which can be taken concurrently.


Previously 465/565 was a 4-credit lab course. This change splits the lab and lecture into separate courses, so students may take just the lecture or the lecture and lab.


        New Courses:  effective spring 2005

BIO 467/567, Neurobiology Laboratory Techniques, 2 cr. An introduction to common laboratory techniques in neurobiology, including electrophysiology with invertebrate preparations, mammalian neuronal cell culture, and computational modeling.  Students will receive training in techniques while performing classical experiments, then design their own, novel experiments and carry them out.  Prerequisites: BIO 312; BIO 465/565 or concurrent enrollment. Offered Sem II.


M/S/P to waive second reading and approve proposal


  1. Old Business:  None:
  2. New Business:  None


Meeting adjourned at 3:50 p.m. The next GCC meeting is set for October 19, 2004


Diane Schumacher

GCC Secretary