General Education Committee Minutes

September 13, 2004

327 Graff Main Hall


Members Present:  Mary Leonard Anderson, Sandy Grunwald, Jess Hollenback, Emily Johnson (Chair), Eric Kraemer, Cris Prucha, Bruce Riley, Brian Udermann

Members Absent:  Mike Winfrey, Alexis Fink (student rep), Mai Nhia Vue (student rep)

Members Excused: Brad Welnick (student rep)

Consultants Present:  Chris Bakkum, Terry Beck, Bruce May, Diane Schumacher

Guests Present:  Deb Hoskins, Katie Lindemann


I.        Welcome and Introductions


II.     Announcements/Handouts/Updates

A.     Membership Changes

·         GEC is still looking for a member from CBA.  Option of teleconferencing discussed and by vote, turned down.  The issue will be brought back up for vote/decision if nobody else volunteers.

·         GEC will continue to pursue student involvement and ask for closer communication between the Student Association and Faculty Senate about times of standing committee meetings. 

B.     Recording Secretary introduced

C.     Funding of speakers/requests for funding help

·         GEC has committed $500 toward cost of bringing Dr. Allan Johnson to campus.

·         Chair will ask for more information on Hispanic Heritage month speaker before a decision is made.  Discussion followed about GEC setting parameters for consideration regarding speakers and funding. Chair will write some guidelines to be discussed at a later meeting and also prepare a report on how fund moneys have been used in the past.

D.     Evaluation of workshop was mostly positive, although participants would have liked less lecturing and more hands-on opportunities.  Some concern still exists about the complexity of learning outcomes.

E.      A second workshop will be held on Tuesday, September 21 from 11am – 1pm, and will be repeated on October 8.  Chair will send out a notice to department chairs requesting a representative from every department offering Gen Ed courses to attend one of the two workshops, with large classes in particular having a representative.

F.      Ellen Goldey mini-conference information should go out ASAP. 

G.     A “conversation time” for General Education at T & L Conference in January will be from 8:30-10.  It will begin with a breakfast from 7:45-8:30.  This session will end with key phrases that remind participants to carry-over information on learning outcomes into the sessions that follow.

H.     Two of the five reports from people funded this summer are in.

I.        Chair distributed the GEC Brief Report to Faculty Senate.


III.   First Reads

A.     M/S/P Waive second reading to accept UWL 100 as a one credit, Gen Ed course in the Self & Society category retroactive to fall 2001.  Prior to motion, committee discussed need to add better justification for placement of UWL 100 in Self & Society category. Chair will incorporate the justification for category placement into the earlier rational for the course being a suitable GE course.


IV.  Old Business

M/S/P  Approve minutes from September 1 GEC retreat.

A.     Complete discussion of timeline

1.       Goals and strategies for year included in timeline.  Extensive discussion of the timeline and recommendations occurred and additions/deletions/changes are as follows:

·         In Early Sep/Fall #1:  Change wording to read: “Faculty Senate endorses GEC continuing its work on GE program based on learning outcomes.”

·         In End of Fall/Early Spring Semester:   add #5 – “Begin feasibility study.” 

·         In March – May #1:  Add “or newly developed courses.” 

·         In March-May #2:  Change wording to read: “Feasibility report completed in April.” 

·         In recommendation #2:  Change wording of first sentence to read: “GEC is asking Faculty Senate to continue using the work of GEC on learning based outcomes.”

·         In recommendation #1:  Several wording changes were made to SCH Draft.  Chair will make changes before presenting to Faculty Senate.

·         In recommendation #4:  Change wording to read: “all units offering undergraduate courses be required to devote the equivalent of 1 class period, in an upper division and/or a lower division course, for the purposes of General Education assessment activities.  This request would be on a rotating basis of approximately 4-5 semesters…”  

2.       Fall dates for review of WIMP and new courses not decided.  Chair will send out proposed dates.

3.       Proposed workgroups and task groups for the year discussed briefly.  Chair asked members to give thought to different workgroups for next meeting.

4.       Approval of timeline.  Chair will present Brief Report to Faculty Senate at Thursday, September 16 meeting.


V.     New Business

·         Task Force will tentatively receive ½ hour at the October 4 meeting.

·         Carmen Wilson will discuss the NSSE assessment for approximately 15 minutes at the beginning of September 20 meeting.


VI.  Next Meetings

A.      Monday, September 20 (room 327 Graff Main Hall)

B.     Monday, October 4


Meeting Adjourned at 5:45pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Katie Lindemann