Friday, October 1, 2004-9:55 a.m.

325 Graff Main Hall



Members Present:        R. Rada, (Chair), C. Angell, T. Blumentritt, R. Dixon, T. Krueger,

                                    D. Reineke, W. Schwan, S. Simpson, and T. Staloch


Members Excused:      B. Erickson, (Student Rep.), D. Sutherland, and M. Thorman


Members Absent:        A. Rotar (Student Rep.)


Consultants                 B. May, D. Schumacher, C. Martin-Stanley, and G. Arimond



Consultants                 K. McLean



The meeting was called to order at 10:01 a.m. by Ron Rada, Chair.


  • Approval of the minutes of September 17, 2004.

M/S/P to approve the minutes of September 17, 2004.  (8 yes, 0 no)


  • Doug Swanson, Director of the Advising Center was on the agenda for October 1st, but had to cancel because of a prior commitment.  Doug has been rescheduled for the October 15th meeting.  Anita Evans, Murphy Library, will also be on the agenda to share results of a graduate student user survey and to discuss how the library can best serve graduate students.  Grad Council members were encouraged to talk to their graduate students to learn how the advising center and the library could best meet student needs.


  • Graduate faculty who retire or resign—what are the options for continuing as graduate faculty?  Based on the discussion, the Grad Council asked chair Rada to draft language for a policy and to present it at the next meeting.


  • Graduate Research Day:  The Graduate Council discussed the possibility of collaborating with the Undergraduate Research Committee to have a joint research day.


M/S/P that chair Rada should meet with the Undergraduate Research Committee to explore the possibility of having joint presentations (poster and oral) on research day.  (8 yes, 0 no) 


Ron agreed to contact the Undergraduate Research Committee and arrange to be on the agenda for one of their future meetings.  The consensus was to pursue (1) a common poster session where the graduate and undergraduate posters would be segregated, and (2) at least one room for graduate oral presentations.


  • Recruitment & Enrollment Management and how to elevate visibility of Graduate Studies Programs will be discussed at the next Graduate Council Meeting.



Meeting adjourned:      11:10 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Fran Temp

Recording Secretary


C:         Graduate Council Members, Department Chairs, Graduate Council File, Faculty Senate Office, Graduate Program Directors