Friday, October 15, 2004-9:55 a.m.

325 Graff Main Hall


Members Present:        R. Rada, Chair, C. Angell, T. Blumentritt, R. Dixon, T. Krueger,

                                    D. Reineke, W. Schwan, S. Simpson, T. Staloch, and D. Sutherland


Members Excused:      B. Erickson (Student Rep.), and M. Thorman


Members Absent:        A. Rotar (Student Rep.)


Consultants                 K. Mclean, B. May, D. Schumacher, C. Martin-Stanley, and

Present:                       G. Arimond


Others Present:           Graduate Student - A, Pat DiRocco (Faculty,

                                    Anita Evans (Murphy Library), Stephan Smith (Murphy Library),

                                    and Doug Swanson (Advising Center)


The meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Ron Rada, Chair.


1.      M/S/P to approve the minutes of October 1, 2004.  (8 yes, 0 no)


2.      Appeal for Graduate Time Extension:  Graduate Student - A, Pat DiRocco (Faculty Advisor).


Graduate Student A and Pat gave a review of why this time extension is necessary.  Due to work commitments and family, Graduate Student A has not completed the thesis.  The student has completed the required coursework and presented a critical analysis.  The student requested an extension through Fall 2004.  The Graduate Council discussed this request and agreed it would be best to grant an extension until Spring 2005.


M/S/P to grant a Graduate Program Time Extension until Spring 2005.  (8 yes, 0 no)


3.      Anita Evans and Stephan Smith (Murphy Library) spoke on “Meeting the library needs of UW-L Graduate Students.”  Hand-outs were distributed. The following are some of the items discussed and being considered to meet the library needs of Graduate Students.


  • Determine student needs and library deficiencies.
  • Create a web site and written materials for graduate students.
  • Reach students when they first enroll.
  • Try to keep an open line of communication with the graduate students.
  • Have Anita or Stephan speak to the various Graduate Programs.
  • Anita and Stephan will work with the Graduate Council and other interested persons to work on meeting the library needs of graduate students.


Please feel free to email Anita and Stephan with any suggestions.


4.      Doug Swanson (Director, Advising Center) spoke on the services available through the Advising Center.  The consensus is that the Advising Center has not really found a way to reach the Graduate Students.  The following are some items that will be considered:


  • Have orientation for new graduate students.
  • The Advising Center (with the aid of Graduate Council members) will endeavor to form focus groups (possibly three), each consisting of 8-10 students with representation from each college.
  • The Advising Center would then do a survey of the graduate student population; Doug will ask for assistance in writing the questions, largely based on responses of the focus groups.


Doug welcomes any suggestions you have.


5.      Ron informed the Graduate Council that he has contacted Bill Gresens with a proposal to incorporate graduate student research into the “Celebration of Undergraduate Research & Creativity.”


  • A graduate poster session would be held at the same time as the undergraduate poster session, but sessions would be segregated from one another in order to retain the identity of each.
  • One room for oral presentations.
  • We will provide the graduate part of the program and take care of the call for papers, processing, etc.
  • We could do joint advertisements/marketing.


6.      Ron spoke briefly on the GRC799 flow chart--he will review it and then share it with council members at a later date. 


He also informed the council he will be sending a memo to Graduate Program Directors/Chair and other interested people with complete instructions for students submitting their final thesis.


Ron also asked the council to consider having a screen set-up for each graduate student with a check list of items (i.e., thesis review, final thesis, and final report on Graduate Student Research).  This would save a great deal of telephone time and letter writing, if Fran could go to the screen and check off items as they are completed.


7.      Recruitment and Enrollment Management and a discussion of how to elevate visibility of Graduate Studies Program was on the agenda, because of the time element these two items will be on a future agenda.


Meeting adjourned:      11:10 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Fran Temp


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