Faculty Senate Library Committee


November 17, 2004


In attendance: William Barillas (English), Paul Beck (Library),  Linda Dickmeyer (Communication Studies), Karl Kattchee (Mathematics), Glenn Knowles (Economics), Denis Provencher (Modern Langauges),  Chia-Chen Yu (ESS).


Consultant:  Anita Evans (Library)

Excused:  Cynthia Berlin (Geography), Darlene Lake (Modern Languages)


Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. in Room 120, Murphy Library.


I.  Minutes.  Minutes of the October 17, 2004 meeting were approved as written.


II.  A.  Bylaws update.  The proposed change to the Committee’s bylaws to add a graduate student to its membership has been approved by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and been forwarded to the Bylaws Committee. 


    B.  Library liaison letter.  Draft of a letter written by John Jax, Collection Development Librarian, to the Library Liaisons asking for feedback from each department on Murphy Library’s “subject resources” web pages was distributed for review.  Overall, comments were positive.  Suggestions included adding the Faculty Senate Library committee as a “cc” and indicating in the letter that faculty should respond directly to John Jax.


III.  A.  LibQual+.   Anita Evans led discussion of the LibQual Executive Summary highlighting specific areas of concern such as increased journal access, more group study rooms, educating graduate students about library services, and improving customer service.  Discussion on space issues and the idea of a coffee café in Murphy Library led to a request from the Committee for more data and comments from the LibQual survey.  Evans will send out to the Committee a stripped-down version of the comments. The Committee should look at the comments and brainstorm on the three major LibQual categories: Space (furniture, group study rooms); Service (coffee café, training of Circulation Desk students); and, Resources (journal access, especially electronic).  As we review the data, we should keep those areas in mind and begin to prepare a document for the Faculty Senate.  At our next meeting, we will discuss the qualitative data, review comments from focus groups, and draft a statement for the Faculty Senate. 


    B.  Legislative DIN.  Anita Evans distributed copies of the UW Library System’s $6,000,000 request to the Legislature for additional funding.  There are four components:  cooperative collection development, shared electronic collections, rapid sharing of physical resources, and digital resources.   The request dovetails with the LibQual survey results showing increased demand for electronic journals.  How can this Committee lobby for the DIN and increase awareness of it on campus?  A suggestion was made that we write a consciousness-raising letter to the faculty committee informing them of the DIN.  Evans and Provencher agreed to write the letter.


Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 15, at 10:00 a.m. in Room 120.


Meeting adjourned, 10:05 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Paul Beck