Faculty Senate Library Committee


December 15, 2004


In attendance: William Barillas (English), Paul Beck (Library),  Cynthia Berlin (Geography), Glenn Knowles (Economics), Denis Provencher (Modern Langauges).

Excused: Linda Dickmeyer (Communication Studies), Karl Kattchee (Mathematics),

Darlene Lake (Modern Languages), Chia-Chen Yu (ESS).

Consultants:  Anita Evans (Library), Galadriel Chilton (Library)


Meeting was called to order at 10:05 a.m. in Room 120, Murphy Library.


I.  Minutes.  Minutes of the November 17, 2004 meeting were approved as written.


II.  DIN Letter.   The committee reviewed a draft of a letter written by Evans and Provencher to be sent to UW-L faculty.  The letter explains a special legislative budget request (DIN) from the UW regents that would provide extra funding for UW System libraries and what would happen to library resources if this extra funding is not approved.  The draft asked the faculty to familiarize themselves with the request and advocate for its passage.  In reviewing the draft, committee members made suggestions for changes including encouraging faculty members to contact the committee with feedback how budget cuts in library services have affected, or would affect, their work or their students’ research.  Barillas and Provencher will incorporate the suggestions and changes in a new draft that they will send to Evans.  Distribution to faculty could be by both paper and email.  Provencher will check on sending it to faculty by email.  If it is possible, then the full text of the letter should be included in the email.  We will try to send the letter out by January 25.   Separate copies should be sent to the library liaisons and they should be asked to bring this issue up at their Department meetings. 


III.   LibQual.  Provencher reminded committee members to watch the Library Focus Group video before our February meeting.  It is on reserve at the Library’s Circulation desk; ask for the Faculty Senate Library Committee video.  It’s about an hour long.  Evans will check to see if we can make a DVD copy.

            Committee members had been asked to read the LibQual qualitative comments that Evans had sent out after our last meeting.  The most important message that came through is the need for improved access to print and electronic resources.  This led to a discussion of the difficulties of making copies in the Library and idea of using scanners instead of copiers.  Another message from the LibQual comments was concern over dwindling library resources, especially from graduate students.   This may be due to a lack of an orientation for graduate students to the holdings of the Library.  A welcome page for graduate students is under development on the Library’s web site.

            The ultimate goal for this committee regarding LibQual is to draft a letter to Faculty Senate with our recommendations.  Provencher will take another look at the LibQual comments and report back at the next Committee meeting.  We will need to decide if we want a focus group or some other mechanism to follow up on the comments.


IV.  Summer Session 4+4+4.  Evans gave a short report on the preparations the Library is making for the first 4+4+4 summer session.  The Library will be open approximately 96 more hours than previous summers.  A question was raised whether the Library should be open at least some hours over Memorial Day weekend since the Library is currently scheduled to be closed the entire 3 day weekend.  If it remains closed for the whole weekend, we should notify faculty via email.


V.  Next meeting.  Members of this committee are asked to forward to Denis their teaching schedule for spring semester so he can set up the next meeting time.


Meeting adjourned, 11:05 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Paul Beck