Promotion, Tenure, and Salary Committee


April 1, 2005




Present:  TJ Brooks, Pat DiRocco, Sue Kelly, Wahhab Khandfer, Sue Kelly, Dick

                 Sullivan, and Mike Tollefson.


Guest:  Deans Colclough, Mikat, Nelson, and Ruthann Benson



  1. TJ explained to the Deans that the purpose of the meeting was to gather 

information to us develop a recommendation for Summer School faculty



  1. The Deans explained that they are given a set budget for salaries and that the

Budget hasn’t changed for over ten years.

a)      Each college develops different formulas for faculty salaries based upon their budgets.  One formula for all would not work.


  1. Tuition savings no longer stay in the colleges.  The way they are currently used is as follows: 1/3 is used for promotions; 1/3 goes to chancellor fund;

1/3 stays in college.


  1. Major problem for summer salaries appears to be a budget problem.  Solutions would require developing more revenue.  There appears to

be a need to discuss ways to better market our summer school offerings.



Respectively Submitted,


Pat DiRocco