Scholarship and Awards Committee Meeting – Nov. 10, 2004


Present:  Jeff Boyle, Victoria Calmes, John Colton, Ann Hendricks, Michael Jackson (convener), Joseph Moreland, Barb Katrana


Absent:  Brad Butterfield, Scott Dickmeyer, Norine Friell, James Gray, Kara Schutts and Kelli Zelinger (all excused)


Meeting was called to order at 4:05 p.m. by Convener.


1. Attendance was taken.


2. Mike Jackson was elected as chair.


3. John Colton was elected as secretary.


4. Note that the timeline of applications has been moved up, so that we can use the scholarships as recruitment tools. Scholarship applications now have a Jan 2 deadline, and we should be able to begin reviewing the applications around Jan 6-10.


5. We may get fewer applications because of this new deadline. Also, no financial aid data will be available yet.


6. Notes on particular scholarships:

a.       Gay & Kent: expect the most applications for these; have two committee members evaluate them. Jackson and Colton are the proposed two. The other committee members will evaluate most of the other scholarships.  An additional scholarship may be added to this list depending on the number of applicants.

b.      Thrune: good for 3 specific high schools (Cashton, Westby, Brookwood). Interview required; expect 3-10 people to come for interviews (10 mins per interview). All committee members should be present for the interviews. We will also discuss via email which questions should be on the interview list.  The chair will email last year’s questions to committee members.

c.       Murphy: two top academic seniors. No interview needed. Timeframe: application deadline around Feb 15 (needs to be set); discussion of evaluations is tentatively set for Mar 9.


7. Continuing student scholarships handled by a different committee.


8. Target dates:

a.       Try to have all scholarship reviews completed by Jan 27. Email rankings to Jackson.

b.      Have a meeting on ~ Feb 2, to discuss all the rankings. Also on Feb 2, meet with the Thrune applicants. Expect the meeting to last 2-3 hours.

c.       Have Murphy meeting on ~Mar 9, as mentioned above.


9. Note: Although listed, the Harring scholarship will not be awarded this year.


10. A suggestion was made by Colton to see if invitations to apply to scholarships could be emailed to highly rated applying freshmen.