Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

January 25, 2005


Members Present:                M. Anderson, Baggett, Cherne, Frye, Glass, Kastantin, Kelly, P. Miller


Members Absent:                Hunt, Bui, Vanloo


Consultants:                         Dittman, Burkhardt, Bakkum, Schumacher


Guests:                                   Kraemer, S. Ross


  1. M/S/P to approve minutes of 12/14 meeting.


  1. Second Reading:

Proposal #29, PHL 355, Philosophy & Film, 3 cr., new course, effective fall 2005

A letter of support was received from the sociology/archaeology dept.


M/S/P to approve course as recorded in the 12/14/04 minutes.


  1. First Reading:

Proposal #32, PHL 245, Latin American Philosophy, 3 cr., new course, effective fall 2005

                                Introduction to the main questions in Latin American thought. Questions will be centered in epistemology, ethics, metaphysics and political philosophy. In particular, the focus will be on the interaction between Latin American thought, from pre-conquest to the present, and traditional Western European thought. Prerequisite: PHL 100. Offered every fourth sem.

                                Course will be an elective in the PHL major and minor, International Studies minor: Latin American Emphasis (chair will inform registrar of category)


M/SP to waive the second reading and approve the proposal.


  1. Consent Agenda:
    1. APH 242, Digital Image Technique, 3 cr., change prerequisite from APH 202, 232 to APH 202

M/S/P to approve


    1. Deleted Courses (have not been offered in the last seven years)

ECO 447 Urban/Regional Economics

FIN 363 Social Insurance

FIN 364 Private and Group Pensions


BIO 201 Human Biology

BIO 309 Entomology

BIO 417 Animal Physiology

BIO 423 Fisheries Management


C-I 376 Music in Early Childhood Education

C-I 382 Creative Problem Solving

C-I 406 Teaching Basic Writing Skills

C-I 407 Computers/Software in Middle/Secondary School writing

C-I 480 Survey of Computer Assisted Instructional Systems

C-I 488 Questioning Strategies for High Level Thinking and Learning

EDM 290 Education Forum

EDM 342 Visual Literacy

EDM 475 Special Topics-Seminar in Education

EFN 350 Introduction of Guidance for Classroom Teachers

EFN 490 Fundamentals of Education research

ESS 212 Advanced Scuba Diving

ESS 340 Motor Development and Movement Experiences for Early Childhood

ESS 404 Administration of PE and Athletics

ESS 415 Issues and Trends in PE-Past and Present

ESS 453 Aquatics Programs

ESS 454 First Aid Instructor

REC 404 Trends and Issues in Recreation


FRE 394 Translating Literature

GER 312 German Grammar

SPA 394 Translating Literature

SPA 401 19th Century Spanish Literature

MUS 141 Class Piano I

MUS 145 Class Instruments

MUS 217 Recreational Music

MUS 370 Administration and Supervision of Elementary and Secondary School Music

MUS 376 Music in Early Childhood Education

PSY 336 Psychology of Learning Laboratory

PSY 488 Seminar in Psychology:____________


Committee wanted assurance that the deletions had gone through the respective departmental curriculum process before approving these deletions. The registrar will communicate that information to the deans and department chairs.


  1. Old Business: None


  1. New Business: The physical therapy program changed their new course prefix from DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) to PTS (Physical Therapy Studies) to avoid linking the prefix to the degree. UCC Approved by consensus.


  1. Meeting adjourned at 4:10 p.m. Next meeting will be Tuesday, February 8, 2005.



Diane Schumacher

UCC Secretary