Minutes of the Articles and Bylaws Committee

Friday, December 15, 2005

10:05-11:10, 4027 Cowley Hall


Present: Sue Anglehart, Dave Koster, Joyce Shanks, Keith Sherony,

Excused: Sarah Shillinger


1. Multiple terms for employees in the UW System.  For those with faculty status:

- faculty

- instructional academic staff

- librarians

FIASL as an acronym to help clarify bylaws wording? 


2. Keith shared his suggestions for changing the Articles of Faculty Organization.  The changes clarify the people represented by the Faculty Senate. 


The name Faculty Senate may not be conducive to understanding who is actually represented by that governing body. 


The Instructional Academic staff title needs to be understood by all “faculty” as separate from the Academic Staff who are represented by the Academic Staff Council. 


3. Discussion- the opening paragraph of the Articles of Faculty Organization needs to be updated to clarify who is included for representation by Faculty Senate. 


The language use of tenured and probationary faculty is not clear.  Sections A, B, and C may be collapsed into one paragraph under section “C. Nomination and Election”. 


The entire wording in the Articles of Faculty Organization needs to be updated.  College names also need to be updated after the reorganization. 


4. Section IX of the Articles of Faculty Organization may be better placed under department responsibilities. 


5. Priority for the next meeting: update committee membership so that Committee on Committees can do its work in the spring. 


6. 11/18/05 minutes were approved. 


7. Next meeting is Friday, January 27, 2006, at 2:30. 

Dave will work on in the preamble to the Articles of Faculty Organization.

Sue will review the wording of the committee memberships by colleges. 

Joyce will talk to the Senate Executive Committee members to update them on bylaws changes. 


Respectfully Submitted,

Joyce Shanks