Committee on Academic Policies and Standards (CAPS)

Minutes for November 4, 2005:  DRAFT


Members Present:         Bulk, Cary, Hoar, LeDocq, Loh, Putnam, Wehrs

Members Excused:        Headington, MacDonald, Stroud

Consultants/Guests:       Burkhardt, Dittman, Schumacher, Thill


1.       Meeting called to order at 3:37 p.m. in 325 Graff Main Hall by Chair Loh; LeDocq appointed secretary for the meeting.


2.       M/S/P (7/0/0) to approve CAPS minutes from 9/30 (prepared by Wehrs). It was noted that information concerning any student appeal, including the student’s name, must be included in the official minutes. Such information will be removed from the version of the minutes sent for inclusion on the web page.


3.       The committee discussed the data concerning minority versus non-minority success rates by admissions category. It was pointed out that the Minority Affairs Committee is also looking at this data. Part of the discussion concerned the role of CAPS in dealing with this issue. Chair Loh will meet with Roger Haro, chair of the Minority Affairs Committee to determine how the two committees can best coordinate their efforts.


4.       Teri Thill announced that there has been a verbal commitment of funding to allow UW-L to subscribe to the StudentTracker service offered by the National Student Clearinghouse. In part, this service can be used to track students who do not continue at UW-L to determine whether they transfer to another institution (and if so, where) or simply drop out.  This information would be very helpful in dealing with retention and non-continuing student issues. Committee members were asked to look at the demo for the StudentTracker on the National Student Clearinghouse website, and to compile a list of the types of information that CAPS would like to extract from this service.  


5.       M/S/P (6/0/0)  CAPS supports the request for UW-L to subscribe to the StudentTracker service offered by the National Student Clearinghouse.


6.       Chair Loh reviewed the remaining topics on the committee’s list of things to discuss this academic year. A tentative plan of attack was discussed in order to complete the committee’s charges early in the spring, if possible.


7.       Diane Schumacher informed the committee that a System task force has been formed to work on the issue of Holistic Admissions. The timetable for the shift to this approach to admissions within the system has been moved up. A plan for this shift has to be determined and presented in the spring semester. Caps will need to be part of the process of creating a plan and then forwarding it to Faculty Senate.


8.       The next two meetings are scheduled for November 18th and December 9th. Chair Loh requested that committee members forward their spring schedules as soon as possible so that a meeting time can be determined.


9.       The meeting adjourned at 5:05 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Rebecca LeDocq, Rotating Secretary