January 23, 2006


Present: Beck, Pandit, Rajagopal, Schockmel, Sherony, Taylor, Tollefson


Excused: Heiden, Stapleton




Reviewed the final draft of the Student Academic Non-grade Appeals document.


Added: "If the complain is resolved at the discovery or the mediation stages of the complaint, no formal record will be retained in the faculty or instructional academic staff member's file." This will be placed at the end of II and III.


No formal record of these proceedings if there is a resolution before the hearing according to this document.  It was questioned what would be done with the official university personnel file--what's kept in the department and what's in HR? Terry will look into this.


Eliminate III.C because the mediator is not involved.


If the final procedure, which is the CGAAF investigation, is a web document, then it will be lined to the final page.  This eliminates the final steps so that there is one less place to edit or revise, should these procedures be changed in the future.  "B" in the final stage is CGAFF procedures.


Discussion that no the document has been revised, there was a motion to send the document to Faculty Senate to review. Motion was tabled until the final revision was completed for review for the committee. 


Consensus by the committee was that no workshop for Deans or Chairs will be necessary once the newly approved, revised document is presented.


Keith will find older documents to make sure nothing was omitted from the CGAAF procedures revised 3 years ago.


Do we want to include some recommendations regarding updating EagleEye and consistency of record-keeping?


Meeting adjourned, 5:00 p.m.


Next meeting: Feb. 6, 3:45 p.m. Wimberly, 432


Respectfully submitted, Mary Tollefson