December 15, 2005


Present: Heiden, Sherony, Taylor, Beck, Pandit, Tollefson, Rajagopal, Stapleton, Schockmel.




Minutes from Nov. 23 meeting, approved 8-0-0.


Sherony: Adding a stronger statement regarding informal procedures.  Make it clearer that the office of Student Life will serve as an advisor and information center for the student.


Possibly adding Lalita’s statement at the beginning of the informal procedures.


Question around the 90 days of the last occurrence.  Problematic of 90 days, and whether last occurrence is suggesting that a history of occurrences can take place before proceeding with a complaint.  Suggestion: “within 90 days of the most recent incident.”


Consensus: remove sexual harassment from the opening section completely, as sexual harassment has a complete section in the same document on the web.


Back to question “program supervisor.?  How can we streamline this so the contact person is the same for all complaints?


Informal procedure-go to program supervisor or chair

Formal procedure- go to Chair


Consensus: In the meeting, the chair (or dean, in the case when the complaint is against a department chair), shall collect information from the student(s) making the complaint and explain the appropriate procedures and options to complainant


Informal procedures: end of first sentence, “possibly including other faculty members or student’s advisors in for the discussion.  The intentions of such meetings…”


If for any reason such a meeting does not resolve the complaint or chooses not to use the informal procedure, the student(s) may pursue the formal procedures described below.


Students are encouraged to resolve such issues informally. 


Informal attempts may include but are not limited to the following:


Meet directly with the faculty or instructional academic staff member;

Meet with your student’s advisor,

Meeting with other faculty members and instructional academic staff

Meet with Department Chair;

Use any combination of the above.


If the student chooses not to meet directly with the faculty or academic instruction staff,






Informal procedures timeline (add “within 90 days of the most recent incident OR within 30 days of an unsuccessful resolution of the informal process ”).


Any student or group of students who have a complaint about faculty or instructional academic staff behavior are encouraged to attempt to resolve the complaint informally within 90 days of the most recent incident.


The purpose of this appeal process is to enable students to initiate and resolve complaints regarding faculty and instruction academic staff behavior.  Complaints may be initiated within 90 days of the most recent incident of unprofessional behavior by university faculty and instruction academic staff occurs that impairs students’ ability to learn.


Initiating a Complaint


If informal procedures are unsuccessful OR  within 90 days of the most recent incident, any student or group of students who wishes to pursue a complain should inform the Office of Student Life, either orally or in writing.


At the end of the Informal procedure:


The goal of the Informal procedure is conciliation.  When these meeting(s) are finished, the complainant will be asked to decide whether s/he is satisfied with the results or wishes to move to the Formal Procedure of the complaint.