CGAFF Committee                                                      Meeting: September 20, Tuesday, 8 AM


Present: Terry Beck, Lalita Pandit, SR Rajagopal, Barry Schockmel, Keith Sherony, Drew Stapleton, Matt Taylor, Mary Tollefson


Excused: Delores Heiden



Chair elected: Terry Beck, MSP8-0-0.

Secretary elected: Mary Tollefson, MSP 8-0-0.


Discussion of the charge from Faculty Senate: to develop and conduct a workshop for new chairs and deans to instruct on grievance procedures and typical issues.  CGAFF is to submit a report on the workshop to faculty senate no later than December 8, 2005.


There was a question as to whether we are the appropriate body to put on such a workshop: wouldn't this fall under Human Resources or shouldn't we do this in conjunction with other bodies that handle grievances?  By consensus, members agreed more specific information is needed from Carmen Wilson as to what's motivating the Exec committee to have us do this?  Matt Taylor will talk to Carmen and get back to the committee (see email from Matt, Sept. 23).


Assuming there will be a workshop, discussion continued regarding topics for it: procedures, by-laws, when to resolve at the Dean's level and when to resolve at the Chair's level, etc.


By consensus, we will email a collection of components that might be a part of the workshop once more specific information is received from Matt.


Terry Beck reviewed the By-laws a few years ago.  He will contact Sibbie to see if he has the most current version of Review Policies and Procedures for CGAFF and email us with attachments or where to go on the website (see email from Terry, Oct 3).


Matt Taylor volunteered to organize the workshop.


There was discussion about when to present the workshop and whether it needed to be done before December 8.  The committee felt that at the very end of the semester might be appropriate or the week before school started in January.  It was also suggested that since this workshop is for Chairs and Deans, we might take the workshop to a Chair's meeting for each college.


Next meeting was decided for Thursday, October 20 at 8 AM in room 231 in the Center for the Arts.


Meeting adjourned at 8:50 AM.


Respectfully submitted, Mary Tollefson