To: Dr. Carmen Wilson, Chair, Faculty Senate

From: Dr. Victoria Calmes, Chair of the Scholarship and Awards Committee (2005-2006)

Re:  Scholarship and Awards Committee Report to the Faculty Senate

Date:  April 12, 2006



The Scholarship and Awards Committee consisted of the following members:

Faculty:  Mary Anderson (Leonard), Greg Balfany, Jeff Boyle, Brad Butterfield, Victoria Calmes (convener), John Colton, Abdulaziz Elfessi, Bryan Kopp, Robert Richardson.


Students:  Amber Graff, Ezekiel Hellenbrand (withdrew from committee) and Kelli Zelinger


UW-L Foundation Representative:  Barbara Katrana


Victoria Calmes served as Chair and John Colton served as secretary.


All member of the committee (but Hellenbrand) participated in the screening of applications for scholarships and awards and in recommending their recipients.  Following several recommendations from last year, the committee made the following changes:


-  For scholarships having less than 30 applicants, committee members ranked all of the students (1 through the total number), instead of just ranking the top several applicants.  For scholarships having more than 30 applicants, committee members should rank the top 30.


-  Barb Katrana added some lines to the scholarship application requesting specific financial information from students applying for scholarships where financial need may be considered.


Due to the size of the scholarships, a separate subcommittee of two members was formed to evaluate the Charles and Lillian Gay Scholarship Endowment Fund, Frank and Margaret Kent Scholarship Fund and the Larry Lebiecki Scholarship.


Due to the lower number of freshman applications this year, it was recommended to change the deadline form January 2nd to February 1st  next year.


If you have any further questions or need any additional information, please feel free to contact me.