Faculty Development Committee Minutes

September 21, 2005


Present: Rebecca Battista, Jeff Bryan, Sharon, Scherwitz, Ann Hendricks, Mao Zheng, Becky Belter, Jennifer Miskowski, Jodi Vandenberg-Dave, Bill Cerbin  


Excused: Heather Hulett


1. Call to order at 2:15 p.m.


2. Members discussed the basic responsibilities and working of the FDC.


3. M/S/P to elect Bill Cerbin as Chair


The next committee meeting will be held October 26 to begin the review of Faculty Development Grant Proposals.


Bill Cerbin will email an announcement to committee members in October indicating when the grant proposal packets will be ready for pick up in the Provost Office.


Meeting adjourned 2:45 p.m.




Submitted by Bill Cerbin