Friday, March 3, 2006-10:00 a.m.

327 Graff Main Hall



Members Present:    VJ Agarwal, George Arimond, Tracie Blumentritt, Rob Dixon, Thomas Krueger, Tom Kuffel, Yang II

                                    Park, Kasi Periyasamy, Steve Simpson, Michele Thorman


Members Excused:  Dan Sutherland


Consultants Present:  Bruce May, Charles Martin-Stanley, Diane Schumacher


Consultants Excused: Karen Mc Lean, Teri Staloch


1.         The meeting was called to order at 10:05 a.m. by Rob Dixon.


2.         A motion was made, seconded and passed to approve the minutes for February 03, 2006.  (7 yes, 0 no)


3.         GRC 799:  VJ opened a discussion on GRC 799 regarding certain situations, (i.e. if a student re-enters a program in

            Records and Registration after being absent for a year, do they pay for the year? If course work is complete, but thesis is

            not they do not have to re-enter, but must pay the GRC 799 fee).  VJ, Diane Schumacher, Rob Dixon and the business

            office will meet and discuss guidelines for GRC 799.


4.         Thesis Guidelines:  Anna Block distributed a Thesis Comparison Document to the Graduate Council at the February

           4th meeting.  This document was discussed and all members are in agreement that the thesis guidelines should be of

           uniform structure and to approve the recommendations from Anna Block.  Manuscript written thesis  will their own



           Motion, made, seconded and passed to approve the recommendations of Anna Block for Thesis Guidelines.

           (7 yes, 0 no)


5.         A student appeal was submitted to VJ from the Sports Administration Program.  VJ informed the council this was a first

            appeal, the student was out of school because of an illness and death in his immediate family.  He did not feel this

            situation  warranted for the student to appear before the council. The student would like a 1 year extension ending in

            August 2007.


            Motion, made, seconded and passed to approve a 1 year extension ending in August 2007.


6.         Academic Appeal Policy process clarification:  It was suggested that a committee be appointed to determine if the

            appeal VJ has received should go before the Graduate Council.  (This committee would consist of 5 people-1 from

            each college, VJ and Diane Schumacher).  This was passed for the current appeal; however the consensus seemed to be

            the committee would like some policies and procedures together before this is done on a consistent basis.


            Motion, made, seconded and passed to approve the appointing/selection of an appeals committee.  (7 yes, 1 no)


Meeting adjourned:      11:03 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Fran Temp


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