Scholarship and Awards Committee Meeting 2/22/06, 4:30 pm


Present: Greg Balfany, Jeff Boyle, Brad Butterfield, Victoria Calmes (Chair), John Colton (secretary), Abdulaziz Elfessi, Amber Graff (student member), Barb Katrana (UWL Scholarship Coordinator), Bryan Kopp, Robert Richardson.  


Absent: Mary Leonard (aka Anderson), and Ezekiel Hellenbrand & Kelli Zelinger (student members).


1.      Minutes from 2/1/06 meeting approved (9/0/0)


2.      Discussed Thrune Interview questions; decided on the following to ask all candidates.

a.       What are your passions/interests outside of school.

b.      What are your post-college career goals?

c.       Tell us about an event that has had a significant positive impact in your life.

® This question led to several students mentioning deaths of friends/family…maybe not include in future years.

d.      Who is your hero/role model, and why?


3.      Thrune Interview questions we ended up asking because of more available time:

a.       What are your hobbies?

b.      If you could be the “supreme leader” in charge of high school education, what changes would you make in the system to benefit future generations?

c.       What do you like to read?

This may not be a complete list.


4.      Held Thrune interviews with 5 high school students; finalized Thrune rankings.


5.      Discussed Murphy Award candidates, and finalized Murphy Award rankings.


6.      Final comments from Barb Katrana:

a.       Next year we will move to a Feb 15 scholarship deadline, to get better publicity/better applicants.

b.      We may also be able to get more financial aid info about the applicants by having the later deadline.