April 11, 2006



Members Present:                Angell, Baggett, Kastantin, McDougal, Miller, Socha, Wood, Wycoff-Horn

Members Absent:                                Socha (exc)

Consultants:                                         Johnson, Schumacher

Guests:                                                   Fisher, Monte


1.             M/S/P to approve minutes of March 28, 2006.


2.             First Reading:

CHM 103, General Chemistry I, changes in course description.

An introduction to chemistry including topics in atomic structure, chemical bonding, molecular structure, chemical stoichiometry, reactivity, states of matter, solutions, acid-base theory, and nuclear chemistry, and also including selected topics in descriptive and applied chemistry. Scientific inquiry, experimental design and data analysis are included. Placement in MTH 150 or better is highly recommended.


CHM 104, General Chemistry II, changes in course description and prerequisites.

The second half of the two-semester sequence in general chemistry. The course provides an introduction to the topics of chemical kinetics, equilibria in the gas and solution phases, acid-base chemistry, solubility, thermochemistry, and electrochemistry. and organic chemistry. The laboratory portion of the course serves to reinforce and demonstrate the above concepts through experimentation. Qualitative wet chemical analysis is also included in the laboratory portion of this course. Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in CHM 103.


CHM 499, Research and Seminar, change in title, credits 1-2 from 2, and course description.

Laboratory research under the direction and supervision of a member of the chemistry departmental staff for selected students. A written or oral report will be required. Prerequisite: Admission by consent of the chemistry departmental staff. Repeatable: maximum 6. A maximum of 4 credits can be applied to the major in chemistry; a maximum of 2 credits can be applied to the major in biochemistry.


M/S/P to waive second reading and approve proposal.


3.             Consent Agenda: (not included on agenda)

CST major, reduce credits to 39 from 40, in previous catalogs.


M/S/P to approve consent agenda.


4.             Old business:  There was discussion on recommendation that the General Education Committee be the hearing body for general education appeals, including writing emphasis appeals.  A recommendation was made that students not be able to further appeal to UCC if an appeal was not successful with GEC. The UCC Chair asked Emily Johnson to revise the draft proposal by eliminating details about the procedure and examples of appeals. The abbreviated proposal will be voted on at the next meeting. Emily will email members the revised draft prior to the next meeting.


5.             New business: Reminder – the April 25 UCC meeting will be held in 326 Cartwright Center. This is the last meeting of the 05-06 academic year. Committee members and consultants are asked to bring their binders to the meeting for updating.