Articles and Bylaws Committee


2:15 p.m.

October 20, 2006

111 Wimberly Hall


Present: S. Anglehart, P. Beck, R. Knox, K. Sherony, S. Shillinger


1.      September 22nd meeting minutes were approved (unanimous).

2.      Changes in Faculty Development Committee bylaws were approved (unanimous).

3.      Changes in Instructional Academic Staff Committee bylaws were approved (unanimous).

4.      Discussion of proposed UCC and General Education bylaws changes. Changes for handling appeals for requirements in the general education program were approved (unanimous).

5.      Changed in department chair start date of July 1 were approved (unanimous).

6.      Keith Sherony will create a report for SEC in order for bylaw changes to be on the November 2nd Faculty Senate meeting agenda.

7.      The meeting adjourned at 3:05 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Ronda Knox