Committee on Academic Policies and Standards

Minutes for September 15, 2006

3:35 – 5:05 Room 325 Graff Main Hall


Present:            Melanie Cary, Beth Cherne, Rick Gillis, Darlene Lake, Becky LeDocq, Chuck Lee, Joyce Shanks, Dean Stroud, Todd Weaver


Consultants:      Carla Burkhardt, Amelia Dittman, Troy Richter, Diane Schumacher, Teri Thill


Guests:             Jay Lokken, Danny Wan, Sarah Wittrock


1. Minutes of August 30, 2006, were approved.


2. Jay Lokken and Danny Wan from the Office of International Education discussed possible scores for the iBT (Internet-based test) TOEFL and scores for International English Language Testing System (IELTS), or British TOEFL. 


MSP                To accept a Band score of 6 for undergraduate and graduate students on the IELTS as a minimum for English proficiency. 


MSP                For a two year time period, allow iBT TOEFL minimum score of 73 for undergraduate students and 79 for graduate students for admission to the university.  


3. Chair LeDocq shared a 3/31/06 report form CAPS to the Faculty Senate and used the recommendations to discuss this year’s committee’s general responsibilities and specific charges. 


The Faculty Senate Executive Committee’s special charge to the committee for which a report is due November 16, 2006, is:

·         Complete a report on transfer students including for example, but not limited to, the number of credits students transfer to La Crosse, the types of courses transfer students generally take, retention rates, time to graduation, etc. 


Committee members discussed what information to request of Teri Thill to accomplish this charge.  The members will ask for gpa of transfer students compared to “native” students for first and second semesters on campus, eligibility and ineligibility numbers for transfer students and native students after the first and second semesters on campus, and a graduation rate comparison between transfer and native students. 


Respectfully submitted,

Joyce Shanks

Secretary pro tem.