CGAAF Minutes



Present:  Terry Beck, John Betton, Tracie Blumentritt, Bob Hoar, Bruce Osterby, Lalita Pandit,

               S.N. Rajagopal,  Keith Sherony, Dean Stroud


New Business:

·      John Betton elected Chair

·      Terry Beck elected Secretary



·      Should the Committee do something to clarify its function to faculty, especially new(er) faculty?—in particular, clarify the distinction between a complaint and a grievance?  For committee members, this distinction was made: complaints are brought by students or administrators against faculty; grievances (often involving a misuse of power) are brought by faculty against other faculty or administrators.

        Carmen Wilson & Betsy Morgan could be asked to inform faculty and new faculty, informing them

        of the website where CGAAF by-laws/procedures are available:


·      Are departmental by-laws consistent with CGAAF charges?  Should CGAAF ask that Chairs review their by-laws for consistency?


·      CGAAF may want to look at the UWS Chapter 7 amendment, having to do with serious misconduct—which could affect the work of the committee.