Graduate Curriculum Committee Year End Report




Date:         May 7, 2007


To:            Senate Office


From:        David Reineke, Chair


Re:            Graduate Curriculum Committee Year End Report




The Graduate Curriculum Committee satisfactorily fulfilled its duties and responsibilities as stated in the faculty senate committee charge letter for the 2006-2007 academic year.  This committee carefully reviewed and approved several curricular changes, primarily related to updated prerequisites, credit hours, and course descriptions for MPH, CHE, ESS, SAA, BIO, PT, OT, and HED courses.  The committee dedicated itself to the accuracy of LX forms brought before it as related to the actual course content and parameters.


The committee also participated in a very thoughtful discussion of the proposal for the formalization of the Learning Communities curriculum which enhanced the clarity and quality of the proposal.  The Learning Communities curriculum was approved by the committee in spring semester 2007.  The committee was generally well-attended by its members and consultants and is particularly grateful for the excellent and dedicated service of Diane Schumacher, who will be greatly missed upon her retirement!