Research & Grants Committee Report to Faculty Senate

March 8, 2007


Charge from Faculty Senate

“Develop a method to gather final report from grant winners, and create a survey to be given to existing grant-winners in order to track publications and other research products.” (August 25, 2006)


  1. Final Reports from Grant Winners

Current Situation

The Faculty Research Grant Guidelines stipulate that:

1.      Grant recipients submit a final report “to the Office of the Provost no later than September 15 following the end of the fiscal year in which research activities and spending took place,” and that

2.      An “individual failing to fulfill this obligation will be ineligible for further research funds until such a report is submitted and accepted by the Committee.”


The Guidelines mention the final report requirements three times; however, there is no system in place to track receipt of final reports.



To encourage compliance and tracking the committee recommends that:

1.      The Campus Connection announcement regarding the faculty stipend for the current year’s applicants should also include a reminder for the previous year’s recipients to submit a final report.

2.      The impact survey (see page 4) will include a reminder of the final report deadline.

3.      Modification to the final report form to clarify that the report need not be lengthy (see page 3).

4.      The Office of Sponsored Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity should consider implementing a simple procedure for tracking report receipts. For example, adding a “final report” column to the recipient spreadsheet, and sending e-mail reminders to recipients that have not submitted reports by September 15.


  1. Survey to Track Publication and Other Research Products of Grant Winners



1.      A short survey (see page 4) be sent to the grant winners for three years after receipt of research and grants monies in order to provide the committee and the Office of Sponsored Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity a cumulative snapshot of research products.

For example, faculty receiving funds for the 2007/2008 fiscal year, would receive the survey in 2008/2009, 2009/2010, and 2010/2011.

2.      The Office of Sponsored Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity would manage survey distribution and data collection.

3.      The committee also recommends that the following question be added to the final report form:

o        Did receiving this funding result in external grant proposals and/or funding? If yes, please explain.



Respectfully submitted by

Galadriel Chilton

Chair, Research & Grants
1. Final Reports from Grant Winners

Proposed changes to the final report form are in bold.








Due September 15th – following the Fiscal Year of Award


Principal Investigator:                FORMTEXT      


Date Report Submitted:            FORMTEXT      


Project Period:                          FORMTEXT       


Amount of Grant:                      $ FORMTEXT      


Amount Expended:                   $ FORMTEXT      


Ending Balance:                        $ FORMTEXT      


On a separate page, give a brief description of project (no more than 500 words), or progress to date. Include information pertaining to the:


  1. Purpose of Project
  2. Procedures
  3. Summary of Results or Findings
  4. Proposed Subsequent Activities
  5. Did receiving this funding result in external grant proposals and/or funding? If yes, please explain.


Include reprints of articles or other publications when available.


All information, including this form, should be filed with the Office of the

Provost/Vice Chancellor (Room 145, Graff Main Hall). This form should be reproduced on blue paper only.



2. Survey (Last Modified February 6, 2007)



The UWL Research and Grants Committee is gathering information on the long run effectiveness of its research grant program. Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions and return this email. Thank you.


Your grant, titled NAME OF GRANT PROJECT was funded in the fall of YEAR. Since that time:


  1. Has this project been performed/exhibited/published/or presented at a conference or seminar or as a poster session?


If yes,

a.      Please provide complete citation

b.      Was this performance/exhibit/publication/presentation peer reviewed?


  1. Has this project been funded either by any other grant, external, UW System or by UWL?
    1. If yes, please provide a complete citation.

  2. Were UWL students involved? If so, please explain.


Reminder:  Final Report is due September 15th following the fiscal year of award.