To: Dr. Carmen Wilson, Chair, Faculty Senate

From: Dr. John Colton, Chair of the Scholarship and Awards Committee (2006-2007)

Re:  Scholarship and Awards Committee Final Report

Date:  May 18, 2007


1. The Scholarship and Awards Committee consisted of the following members:


·        Faculty:  Mary Anderson Leonard, Greg Balfany, Jeff Boyle, John Colton, Abdulaziz Elfessi, Jess Hollenback, Janet Kirsch, Bryan Kopp, and Kathy Majewski


·        Students: Ryan Klein, Konrad Liebseit, and Kelly Walt


·        Nonvoting: Barb Katrana (UWL Foundation Scholarship Coordinator)


2. John Colton served as Chair and Kathy Majewski served as secretary.


3. All members of the committee actively participated in the screening of applications for scholarships and awards and in recommending their recipients (except Kopp and Walt, who came to no meetings and did no rankings). 


4. The committee met three times during the year:

·        The initial organizational meeting in Sep 2006

·        A meeting in Feb 2007, where the Thrune interviews were conducted and Thrune scholarship decisions made.

·        A meeting in Mar 2007, where the rest of the scholarships and awards were discussed and decided.


5. The following scholarships and awards were handled by the committee:

·        Murphy award

·        Lebiecki scholarship

·        McIlraith scholarship

·        Fred Singer scholarship

·        Michael Skemp scholarship

·        Thrune scholarship

·        Harold Weisse scholarship

·        Xcel Energy scholarship


6. The committee followed the following procedures, many of which had been established in previous years:


·        The committee established a 3 person “subcommittee” responsible for reviewing the two scholarships with the most applicants—McIlraith and Lebiecki. Those three individuals were two faculty members and one student member: Boyle, Hollenback, and Klein. Those individuals were excused from all other scholarship responsibilities except the Thrune scholarships and the Murphy awards.

·        For scholarships having less than 30 applicants, committee members ranked all of the students (1 through the total number).  For scholarships having more than 30 applicants, committee members ranked the top 30.

·        All rankings were sent to the committee chair prior to the final meeting. The rankings were then compiled by the chair and distributed to committee members to aid as a starting point for discussion.

·        As scholarship applications were being reviewed by committee members, if an individual did not appear to meet the requirements of the scholarship, or if the application seemed incomplete, a post-it note was left on the cover of the application to inform other committee members.

·        The Thrune scholarship interviews and final Thrune rankings were handled at a dedicated meeting.

·        Barb Katrana provided some information regarding financial need—this was very helpful compared to previous years, for those scholarships which include a need-based component. However, I feel that even more information would be better—in particular, it was often not clear what criteria was being used in establishing the overall financial need figure.


All in all, I felt it was a very successful and trouble-free year for the Scholarship and Awards Committee.



Dr. John Colton, Physics Department