Faculty Development Committee Minutes

November 1, 2006


Present: Rebecca Battista, Jeff Bryan, Jeanne Danneker, Ann Hendricks, Karl Kattchee, Jennifer Miskowski, Aric Opdahl, Sharon Scherwitz, Arne Sippola


Consultant: Bill Cerbin


  1. Call to order 2:15 by Karl Kattchee
  2. MSP approve minutes of October 4, 2006
  3. Total of $40,934.00 to award
  4. Seven proposals submitted by October 20th deadline
  5. There will be an additional call for proposals in spring 2007 semester
  6. Discussion of proposals.
  7. MSP: Strike seventh proposal on the list; consider all others (Cerbin will check that Dean’s signatures are on originals of all proposals)
  8. 3:45 Jennifer Miskowski was excused; she submitted her written comments
  9. There are 90 points to distribute*: minimum=0; maximum=30. S. Weathers will send an email to the committee asking for ratings. When the tabulations are complete the committee will meet to discuss funding amounts.
  10. Next meeting will be on the first Wednesday on which the rating tabulations are available. (JD will be unavailable Nov. 8; AO will be unavailable Nov. 15)
  11. MSP adjourn meeting 3:06.


*Please refer to the voting procedures on the back of the first page in your FDC notebook.